As you seek lasting recovery through rehab treatment at Bayview Recovery in Tacoma, you receive a range of therapies needed to rebuild your life. These therapies help you understand your addiction as well as deal with past trauma. They also help you build strength and resilience for the future, through coping skills and life skills. Other methods, such as acceptance and commitment therapy, help you be your best possible self and live your best life.

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Man opens up during acceptance and commitment therapyAcceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) at Bayview Recovery is an offshoot of cognitive behavioral therapy that helps you accept things not under your control. It also enables you to commit to improving and enriching your life. Through these methods of acceptance and commitment therapy, you rebuild your life with greater richness and fulfillment.

ACT achieves two primary goals. These include helping you build coping skills for dealing with painful thoughts and feelings. They also include helping you identify what truly matters to you in life so that you can inspire yourself for positive change.

Acceptance and commitment therapy is based on mindfulness. Mindfulness helps you stay focused on what matters in a moment, as opposed to looking too closely at the past or what could happen in the future. Through this mindful thinking, you then let go of difficult thoughts and feelings for these to influence you less.

Mindfulness of acceptance and commitment includes three types of skills, defusion, acceptance as well as engagement in the moment. Defusion lets you distance yourself from unhelpful thoughts and feelings, to let go of these hindrances. Acceptance enables you to accept your painful feelings and experiences without fighting them. Engagement allows you to focus on the present time with greater openness.

Six Core Processes

ACT relies on six core processes. These include:

  • Focusing on the present moment
  • Defusing, or detaching yourself from unhelpful memories, thoughts or worries
  • Opening yourself up to painful feelings and experiences
  • Getting to know your observing self
  • Identifying what you value
  • Committing to action based on your values

Of course, your therapist guides you to achieve these six core processes. As you progress through your therapy of acceptance and commitment, you then notice real changes in your life. You handle stress better, stress yourself less, see the world with a more positive view and also achieve specific goals that enrich your life.

Achieving the six core processes in your Bayview Recovery treatment also means you achieve psychological flexibility. This psychological flexibility is the ability to open up, focus on the present and do what matters in your life.

What Acceptance and Commitment Therapeutic Sessions Include

Your acceptance and commitment therapy sessions involve working with a therapist to learn to hear your own self-talk. This talk is what you tell yourself about events and experiences in your life.

By learning to hear this self-talk, you can decide what you can accept and whether issues require action or change. You also examine what has not worked well in your past, to stop repeating old thought patterns and cycles of behavior. Through acceptance of your current issues, you commit to practicing greater self-confidence and optimism to achieve your personal goals.

Therapists use ACT for a range of mental and physical health problems. These include work stress, anxiety, depression, OCD and psychosis. The therapy also works well for chronic pain, diabetes, and addiction.

Do I need this therapy for lasting recovery?

Whether you need therapy of this type or any other comes down to your addiction history, personal struggles and hindrances to your recovery. Your therapists in rehab treatment at Bayview Recovery help you understand your unique needs. From those needs, you receive an individualized treatment plan, one guiding your treatment and changing as your needs change.

Other types of therapies and programs you need include:

When you or someone you love find yourself lost in addiction and repeating the same, tired cycles in life, rehab treatment helps you break free of the past and plan for a brighter future. Call Bayview Recovery now at 855.478.3650">855.478.3650 to learn more about acceptance and commitment therapy, as well as other available programs and therapies, to help you gain lasting recovery and start achieving your goals.