When anger negatively affects your health, relationships, and work, anger management therapy can help. Anger management therapy teaches you how to stop using rage to express yourself. You also learn how anger adds to depression, violence, and suicidal feelings while making your loved ones feel at risk.

For people recovering from addiction, anger management therapy provides tools for healthier and happier days ahead. After all, it is essential that you know how to effectively handle your emotions using healthy tactics, instead of creating greater stress in your life using unhealthy ones. You can find anger management therapy in some Tacoma substance abuse programs, as part of a mix of multiple therapeutic methods.

Who Needs Anger Management Therapy?

Man going through anger management therapy classesEveryone has anger, but you need anger management classes when your anger dictates how you live your life. Not being reasonable or rational can cause many problems, such as abuse, violence, erratic behavior, legal problems, and substance abuse. So when you need stability in order to maintain your recovery, you also benefit from anger management therapy.

If you do not know how to control your anger, you fear what it can do to your addiction recovery. Fear can lead you to suppress your true feelings. This only holds your emotions back until you experience major outbursts. Suppressed anger also affects your health.

In anger management therapy, you learn how to stop being over-reactive. You also learn how to be more patient and calm in circumstances you cannot control.

Almost anyone can benefit from anger management classes in some way. We can all use tools for handling our negative emotions in healthier ways. But for those who struggle with uncontrolled anger, these classes prove life-changing.

What Types of Therapy Does Anger Management Therapy Use?

Specific types of therapy work very well in anger management classes. One of the best methods is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT helps you see how anger affects your behavior and how this behavior starts with negative thinking. You learn to control negative thinking in order to prevent flaring of anger.

In CBT, you learn from a behavioral therapist. Goals for your therapy include:

  • Coping with life stress in healthier ways
  • Resolving relationship conflicts positively
  • Dealing with grief effectively
  • Handling emotional stress caused by physical trauma, illness, or abuse
  • Overcoming physical symptoms like chronic pain and fatigue

CBT is a structured therapy that provides quick results. Even better, the results last throughout your lifetime and decrease your odds for relapse. CBT also focuses on your own specific problems and what triggers you to react with anger. You learn new strategies to help you deal with your personal triggers.

These strategies take you through several steps, starting with identifying what causes anger in your life. You build awareness of how you feel and think when triggered. Part of this awareness is acknowledging your inaccurate thought patterns and learning healthier ways of thinking.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is short term. Most CBT therapy programs last between 10 and 20 sessions. Of course, your exact time for treatment depends on your specific needs, such as how long you have been dealing with extreme anger.

Anger Management Therapy in Tacoma Washington

Anger management is only one part of a complete rehab treatment program. To truly overcome addiction and lead a healthier and happier life, you need a mix of therapies. Besides anger management classes, these programs and therapies include:

You can live the life you want without substance abuse or emotional problems. Learn more about Tacoma, Washington anger management therapy and other treatments used by Bayview Recovery to help you build a better future. Call Bayview Recovery now at 855.478.3650 to learn how and where this better life begins.