Therapist explains the benefits of a nutrition therapy programAddiction is a mental and physical disease. Like any disease, it ravages your mind and body. You actually go through real physical and psychological changes with long term substance abuse, ranging from altered brain chemistry and activity to reduced wellness from head to toe. This is why you need a quality nutrition therapy program in rehab, to help your mind and body recover from the damage inflicted by drugs and alcohol.

At Bayview Recovery in Tacoma, WA, your nutrition therapy program is one part of a multi-faceted individual therapy program. This treatment takes place as part of an individual treatment plan, one including a focus on your nutritional and fitness needs. One of the greatest outcomes of rehab treatment is your improved physical wellness. When you stick to treatment, you leave your program looking and feeling better than you have since your substance abuse began.

Why Do I Need a Nutrition Therapy Program?

A nutrition therapy program addresses your unique nutritional needs, particularly those resulting from months or years of drinking or drug use. Many people seeking recovery face malnutrition or nutritional deficiencies, at the very least. Others take in too much of the wrong foods. This includes fast food or packaged meals with high fat and low nutritional value. Therefore, whether you need to gain weight, lose weight, improve muscle tone or improve your physical and mental functioning, proper nutrition forms the path for those improvements.

When using alcohol or drugs, your intake of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients suffered. This took a toll on your body, changing your appearance and limiting your physical abilities. It also changed your brain functioning. It then clouds your thinking and makes it harder for you to perform as you used to in everyday life.

Through proper nutrition, you notice healthier skin tone, hair, and nails. You also gain improved energy, a better mood, emotional balance, focus, and clear thinking. Taking in well-balanced nutrition helps your mental health as much as your physical wellness, providing much-needed building blocks for your body and mind.

As your overall wellness improves through your nutrition therapy program, you enjoy a greater drive for staying sober. Pursuing recreational and outdoor activities becomes easier. You also start improving your physical fitness. By feeling fit and happy, you enjoy greater socialization. As well as the desire to get out and enjoy life in healthy ways.

What Does Nutrition Therapy Include?

Besides providing the essential nutrients you need in treatment, your nutrition therapy teaches you how to gain those nutrients in everyday life at home. So you do not stop with just feeling better right away. You also learn how to sustain your wellness and make the right choices in grocery stores, restaurants, your work environment, and your own kitchen.

One of the unique benefits of this therapy is learning through changes experienced during your program. Once you start feeling better as part of everyday life in rehab, you want to continue feeling so good and looking your best. In this way, nutrition therapy is one of the most fulfilling and instantly gratifying aspects of rehab treatment. People in your private life notice your better health and reinforce that by telling you that you look like a new person.

Nutrition therapy at Bayview Recovery includes:

  • Dietary assessment
  • Meal planning
  • Nutritional education
  • Understanding of hunger cues vs. drug cravings

Whole-Person Wellness in Tacoma, WA Rehab and Beyond

Bayview Recovery in Tacoma, WA helps people from all over the Pacific Northwest build a new life in stable, healthy recovery. You can also enjoy a better life with Bayview Recovery’s help. Your individualized treatment planning includes guidance and support for your best nutrition.

Programs of Bayview Recovery include:

Through your nutrition therapy program and other therapies of Bayview Recovery rehab treatment, you put your substance abuse behind you and build a brighter future. This new life includes better health and wellness from head to toe. Call Bayview Recovery now at 855.478.3650">855.478.3650 to learn more about how nutrition affects your recovery and overall well-being. Ask about available programs and prepare to start your new, improved life today.