All states in the U.S. recognize that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a crime. You officially drive under the influence when your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 percent or higher. This only takes two to four drinks for most people. This bad decision, along with others, can change someone’s life forever. You learn about these decisions and how to stop making them in DUI classes.

At Bayview Recovery, our drug and alcohol addiction rehab center in WA offers DUI classes that the courts and public trust. You can access these classes to satisfy the courts, to stop your own drunk driving issues, or as an early intervention for substance abuse. The important thing is not why you need these classes, but that you use what you learn to grow and change.

What are DUI Classes?

Man going through his DUI classesDUI classes Tacoma WA offers are programs that teach you about the dangers of drunk or drugged driving. You learn about how drinking too much affects your freedom, your health, your life, as well as the lives of others. You also learn how to prevent this dangerous behavior.

Courts often favor DUI classes for first-time drugged or drunk driving offenders. For repeated offenders, weekly sessions are required. These weekly sessions can go for as long as six months. If you do not attend as directed, then you risk harsher penalties and even jail time. But after getting through your program, the court may allow you to regain your driver’s license.

It is essential to find DUI counseling that will keep you interested and attending. You need to learn from your mistakes, or you will only continue wrecking your life and the lives of innocent people sharing the roads with you.

What to Expect in Drunk Driving Classes

Before starting your DUI classes, you undergo a DUI evaluation or a substance abuse assessment. This assessment is used in order to help you and your counselors understand the level of your dependence on drugs or alcohol. You may need more thorough treatment beyond DUI classes if you struggle with addiction and are dependent on these substances.

If you do struggle with alcohol dependence or drug addiction, Bayview Recovery offers a variety of programs that can help you and your individual needs. These programs include:

During DUI counseling and classes, you learn from your past mistakes. You also learn how alcohol affects you, particularly when you drive. You learn this through various mediums including films, guest speakers, and brief tests. You also openly discuss the issues of drunk driving and ways to stay safe with your class peers.

At the end of your DUI counseling program, you receive a certificate of completion. This satisfies the class portion of your sentencing and is the documentation you need for court.

Choosing the Right DUI Program in Washington State

After a drunk or impaired driving arrest, you feel panicked. The same is true after sentencing when you must ensure you meet court requirements to maintain your freedom. But you can satisfy these obligations by finding a quality Washington rehab program offering DUI counseling and DUI classes.

Bayview Recovery is a quality rehab treatment facility that, in addition to DUI classes, offers:

Bayview Recovery Center in Tacoma, WA, provides DUI classes to help you satisfy your court requirements. At Bayview Recovery, you also get the help you need to redefine and rebuild your life outside of substance abuse. Call Bayview Recovery now at 855.478.3650 to reserve your spot in our DUI classes and ensure you maintain your freedom, health, and safety.