The newspapers are full of information about the horrors of opiate addiction. What doesn’t seem to get much press is the horrible withdrawal symptoms the user faces when they decide to stop using. In fact, heroin and prescription painkiller withdrawal symptoms in the short-term can be just as dangerous as using the drugs. For that very reason, doctors and addiction treatment professionals recommend nobody stops using “cold turkey” without supervision. A far better alternative is seeking help with the detox process in a suboxone treatment program.

About Opiate Withdrawal

Young girl learns about a suboxone treatment programThe nature of a drug user’s withdrawal symptoms will depend on several factors. That would include the length of the user’s addiction, the amount they are using per dose as well as the frequency of use. Remember, heroin and fentanyl addictions don’t take long to grab hold of the drug user.

Assuming the user has a substantial addiction, here’s a list of rather dangerous withdrawal symptoms they could face:

  • Severe cramping in the extremities and stomach region
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Psychological issues like depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideology
  • Sleeping issues
  • Convulsions and tremors
  • Hallucinations
  • Problems with breathing and blood pressure

Clearly, these are not issues a person should want to encounter. Instead, it would be far safer to check into a detox center for professional help through a suboxone treatment program.

What is Suboxone Treatment Program?

When a client enters rehab, they have to submit to an intake process. It will be the clinician’s responsibility to determine the proper course of treatment. With an addiction to opiates, they almost always prescribe medically-monitored treatment in a medication assisted treatment center.

At our Bay View Recovery addiction treatment facility, we outsource suboxone treatment for Tacoma WA clients. We strongly recommend a suboxone treatment program for clients who suffer from severe opiate addiction. The dangers these clients face require they go through the detox process as slowly as possible.

Suboxone is an opiate substitute. It suppresses the individual’s withdrawal symptoms and cravings for opiates but also does not create the euphoria clients crave. Furthermore, it blocks the effects of other opiate substances for at least 24 hours. In other words, it keeps the client from experiencing the adverse effects they might otherwise experience in a standard detox process.

Our partner detox facilities use suboxone treatment for Tacoma WA patients to keep the patient safe while they detox. Since suboxone has an opiate base, it takes the client a lot longer to detox. The good news is they can use suboxone outside the clinic. However, the same option is not available for clients going through methadone treatment. Methadone is only available in a methadone clinic setting.

In theory, a suboxone treatment program will allow the client to wean themselves off opiates. There is a danger of addiction to suboxone, which is why the clients need a medical professional to monitor their progress. When the client has successfully cleared the detox process, they should be ready to report for therapy. During therapy, they will learn the truth about their addiction and how to combat their cravings in the future.

Bay View Recovery – Premiere Addiction Treatment

After suboxone treatment for Tacoma WA clients, we then take over the treatment process. We offer our clients a high level of treatment, using a wide range of treatment programs and options. The goal is always the same. We strive to put our clients on a path towards a complete and lasting recovery. To that end, here’s what we offer:

If you have an addiction to an opiate substance, we caution you to proceed with great care. Please don’t try to stop on your own. At Bay View Recovery, we will gladly refer you to a suboxone treatment program to help you detox. Afterward, we would be glad to provide you with the treatment you need. For more information about our services, please call us at 855.478.3650">855.478.3650.