Affirmations for Addiction During Pregnancy


Affirmations for Addiction During Pregnancy

When we are struggling with addiction, we can fall victim to the many limiting beliefs we’ve adopted and developed over the years. We believe that we’re inadequate. We believe we’re not strong enough to get clean. We believe we’re shameful, immoral people who are unworthy and undeserving – of love, happiness, success and good health. When we’re working to recover, one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is shift these beliefs so that we can start to have more faith in ourselves. We want to feel confident and self-assured. We want to believe in ourselves and our ability to recover.

Becoming pregnant while living with addiction can pose unique mental, emotional and physical concerns for our health and well-being. It is so important that we work to conquer the limiting beliefs we’re holding onto about ourselves and our abilities, so that we can have a healthy pregnancy. We want to be able to enjoy the beautiful process of creating life and bringing it into the world. We don’t want to keep being burdened with all the sadness and regret we’ve been feeling. We want to be able to forgive ourselves so that we can move forward and not hold ourselves hostage with self-judgment and shame.

Let’s use the power of affirmations to reprogram our subconscious minds. When we are filled with fear and self-doubt, we can think our happiness and health are a lost cause, but it’s never too late to start taking better care of ourselves. Start to affirm to yourself that you are strong enough to get sober, that you deserve to be happy, that you and your child deserve good health. Repeat your affirmations throughout the day, especially upon waking and as you’re falling asleep to permeate your subconscious mind, and try writing them down. The subconscious mind responds quite well to repetition, so keep practicing, even when you’re not sure if they’re working. Give them your energy, and soon you will start to believe them, and they will influence your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and choices in positive ways.

Try these affirmations, or create your own that resonate with you. “I am healthy. My unborn baby is healthy. I can have a beautiful, healthy pregnancy. I am strong enough to get clean. I am strong enough to do what is best for me and my child. I believe in myself. I have faith in myself. I am a good mother. I make good choices for myself and my child. I love myself. I forgive myself. I can do better. I can move forward and make better decisions. I am courageous. I am resilient. I am stronger than my illness.”

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