Affirmations for Recovery

Affirmations for Recovery

The more we learn about our addictions and mental health issues, the more we come to understand the power of our minds to either contribute to our healing or to our suffering. We make our struggles a lot worse with the thought patterns we’ve adopted and continue to perpetuate. Our minds contribute to our issues, exacerbate them and even help fuel our addictions. The great news is that we can retrain our minds to think in ways that will help us along in our healing rather than contribute to our pain and self-destructiveness.

There are certain beliefs we adopt when it comes to our addictions, depression and other mental health issues. What do you find yourself saying to yourself repeatedly that has formed your beliefs about yourself and your ability to recover? You might find that you call yourself an addict, and that you do so in disparaging, unkind ways, with a punitive and blaming energy. You might find that you call yourself weak, that you feel powerless, that you feel like a victim. Here are some affirmations you can use to retrain your mind for healing. The more you practice them, the more you will be able to change how you think, feel and direct your energy, which will make all the difference in your recovery.

I am totally healed.

I am in alignment with my heart, soul and spirit.

I believe in myself.

I have faith in myself.

I am being divinely guided.

I have a unique and beautiful purpose in this life.

I am coming into my purpose.

I am powerful.

I am strong.

I am brave.

I am courageous.

I have the power to do what is best for myself.

I love myself unconditionally.

I accept myself fully.

I respect myself, in all ways.

I make choices that are good for me.

I have control over my thoughts and feelings.

I can control my mind.

I am the creator of my life.

I have the power to create the life I want.

I am creating a beautiful life for myself.

I am making my dreams come true.

I have a wonderful future to look forward to.

I can live in the present moment.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I continuously look for more things to be grateful for.

I am grateful for my struggles, they are a part of me, and I am learning to be proud of who I am.

I am grateful for my journey.

I am grateful for all the challenges that have helped to strengthen me.

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