Benefits of Drug Testing

Benefits of Drug Testing

Drug tests determine if someone has drugs or alcohol in their system. It can be done using sweat, hair follicles, urine, or oral fluids. While drug testing can be controversial in believing it is a violation of one’s privacy, drug tests are necessary to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Doing mandatory drug tests in the workplace will provide a safer environment when you work with hazardous chemicals, operate heavy machinery, and driving. If an accident occurs at work, the chances will be extremely high that you can lead to injury or death to yourself or others. If that happens, employers will face the liability. With drug testing, an employer can save the lives of the user and others from a foreseeable accident. Drug testing can also avoid problems down the road like showing up late or not focusing on your work because you are under the influence. Drug tests can also save the company a lot of money in having to rehire anyone or compensate any injured employee.

There are companies that have Employee Assistance Programs to help troubled employees, including those that test positive for drugs. These programs can even help the families of those employees who are under the influence. If Drug testing is covered by the United States Department of Transportation, it is a requirement for companies to hold them for their employees. This can apply to public transportation agencies, airlines, and railroads.

The Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988 can test employees if the employee obtains a contract with the federal government. Conflicts and violence can also be avoided by screening employees as people under the influence can make impulsive decisions and get into fights at work. By knowing there will be a mandatory drug test either before you are hired or during your time with the company, this will give you something to think about as for caring for your job or your career. While many people with drug addiction will only think about their cravings and acquiring more drugs to relieve their withdrawal symptoms, they need to think about what is important for their future.

Drug testing will look good for your employee as it will show how committed they are for the safety and health of their company. It means that they are not willing to endanger the lives of others despite their experience and work performance. Drug tests will also reduce stealing in the workplace as those with a drug addiction will do anything they can to get the money to acquire more drugs even if it means stealing from their employees or the company itself.

Schools also benefit with the use of drug testing as teens are at the age where they like to experiment and give into peer pressure. Originally in June 2002, drug tests were only mandatory for extracurricular activities participation but has since expanded. They cannot make the distinction between the pleasure they feel from the drug to the future damage it can cause. Schools can collect urine samples to check if students are using marijuana, cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, and opioids. Random drug tests are done despite the student’s history. If you are participating in an extracurricular activity like a competitive sports team, it will be mandatory to do a drug testing.

A student can be asked for a drug test if it is based on what someone on staff has observed and/or physical symptoms and abnormal or erratic behavior. If students know they will be asked to participate in a drug test, they could resist giving into peer pressure in fear of getting caught. If a student’s test turns out to be positive, they will benefit from early intervention or be referred to treatment. More students will be able to learn and be free from the distractions of someone too intoxicated to pay attention or someone being disrupted. They will get access to counseling, follow-up testing, and given rehab options. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, mandatory student drug testing in 2013 provided less students who substance abused than those without testing.

The disadvantages of drug testing is the high cost of keeping them running. It can be even higher during pre-employment when there is no certainty the one taking the test will be hired. Another disadvantage is employees can feel like their privacy is being violated and that they have the right to do whatever they want when their shift is over. It can bring resentment among its employees which can lead to low productivity. The same can go with schools if students feel violated being searched and forced to take a test.

Lawsuits can occur if an employee is tested positive on a drug test and is fired after. This can lead to suing the company for wrongful termination. Not only will this be costly for the company to hire a lawyer but it will be time-consuming in preparing for the case. By communicating with your employees before being hired or after about the company’s drug testing policy, there will be no means of miscommunication. Employees will know in advance that they will have to be tested if they want to be in good standing with the company. Drug testing does not need to be looked at like a punishment but as a way to make sure everyone is safe and to find the best help possible for a successful recovery.

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