Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

Many people recognize treatment for substance abuse to be living in a facility for thirty to ninety days while you receive 24/7 care from therapists and medical professionals. Inpatient treatment may be one option but it is not the only one as outpatient therapy can help you as well. Outpatient therapy can work well with those who want to continue with their treatment and still live their life at home, work, or school.

Outpatient therapy can be helpful when you are in the beginning stages of addiction and need a lot of support after inpatient treatment. While inpatient treatment can be very expensive, outpatient can be affordable and effective. This may not be a good option for someone with a severe addiction as if you stay at home during treatment, you might be tempted to use again if you come across your drug-using friends, bars, administering equipment, or anything else that can lead to a relapse. It may also not be a good idea for other reasons like if you pose a danger to yourself or others or have a history of chronic relapse.

Outpatient therapy helps you focus on the techniques of overcoming addiction and to continue this journey while you are in work or school. It can also be useful if you do not want anyone to know about your addiction compared to having to explain to work and your loved ones why you need to go away for a while. You can still continue on doing what you need to do to get better without stopping your responsibilities.

Another benefit of outpatient therapy is that you are able to stay in close proximity to your loved ones and get that support that you seek. You can get access to educational programs, skills training, and mental health care. Programs in outpatient treatment can include cognitive behavioral therapy which is changing your negative thought patterns into positive ones. Contingency management will reward you for following your treatment like movie tickets for attending therapy sessions. There is also multidimensional family therapy to help your whole family heal from the effects of addiction and the matrix model which combines all of the programs to stop using drugs and remain abstinent. Every addiction is of different intensities. It is best to do research on inpatient and outpatient to see which one is the best for you on your path to recovery.

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