Books to Teach Children About Anxiety

Books to Teach Children About Anxiety

It can be hard to teach children what anxiety truly means and how to manage. Since children love to read picture books, parents can read these books to their kids and do activities with them to help them grow up with anxiety and to better manage the challenges they go through.

One book for children ages six to twelve to read is “What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety.” This children’s book explains and helps children understand anxiety, effects, and approaches. There are illustrations to better understand the feelings and reactions you have when dealing with anxiety. There are also prompts for children to draw and write in. The approaches in this book is based on cognitive behavioral techniques that children are shown in treatment. The book “Outsmarting Worry: An Older Kid’s Guide to Managing Anxiety” is for late elementary and middle-schoolers. Children from ages nine to fourteen will learn many strategies to manage and overcome their worries and fears. The techniques are based on cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Another children’s book for anxiety is “Coping Skills for Kids Workbook: Over 75 Coping Strategies to Help Kids Deal with Stress, Anxiety, and Anger.” This book will help children recognize their feels and being able to process them. There are two hundred pages that help children with stress, anxiety, and anger as well as more than twenty printable worksheets to work on. The “Mindful Mantra” series is a collection of books like “I Can Handle It!,” “I Will Be Okay!,” “I Will Try!,” and “I Matter!” Younger children will be able to say and/or think of mantras to do every day. These positive self talks will be able to shape a child’s mental health.

“Anxiety Workbook for Kids: Take Charge of Fears and Worries Using Gift of Imagination” has 55 activities to help with anxiety. There are fun exercises based on cognitive behavioral therapy and easily relatable instructions, games, and activities for children to do to understand and manage anxiety symptoms. Children will develop problem-solving, relaxation, and mindfulness. Parents can work with children on these books and teach them that there are fun ways of overcoming your worries and fears. These books can teach children that life does not have to be scary and that every fear you have can go away with help and guidance along the way.

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