Common Cognitive Distortions Treated By CBT

Common Cognitive Distortions Treated By CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of therapy that changes your negative thought patterns. There are a number of reasons why something decides to take this form of therapy so that they can be aware of their thought patterns and how it is taking over their life.

One cognitive distortion would be focusing on negative feelings while filtering on the positive aspects of the situation. For example, you could be having a good time with your friend but then if something bad happens like your car breaking down or the restaurant service being too slow. You will only focus on the bad parts of the day instead of the good which is black and white thinking. Either everything is good or everything is bad with no grey areas. Another distortion is overgeneralizing where if something bad happens to you once, you think it will happen again where you suffer a never-ending pattern of defeat. You can also jump to conclusions where you think if someone says something negative to you, it can mean they all around do not like you instead of finding out for sure.

Another distortion where you are convinced that something bad will happen to you and you are convinced of that being a fact. For example, it can be your first day of college and you already have it in your mind that you will not make any friends instead of taking everything day by day. You feel it is a fact that you will not make friends so you convince yourself it is the truth. You could also be exaggerating events that are of no significance. For example, you could go bowling with friends and think if you do not hit any pins then that means you are a failure instead of just laughing it off.

You could also believe that you need to take responsibility of the pain and happiness of everyone around. For example, if one of your employees are not happy, you can believe that it is because of something that you did as the reason why that person is unhappy instead of understanding that you are not responsible for everything. You can also either blame others for your pain or is constantly blame yourself for everything instead of believing that some things are beyond your control and others are only your responsibility. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help fix those unhealthy distortions.

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