Connecting with Our Higher Power

Connecting with Our Higher Power

Addiction recovery programs such as the Twelve Step programs include a relationship with a higher power as part of the foundation for their healing work. If we don’t already have a relationship with a higher power, or even know what that means for us, how can we create one for ourselves, and how is it beneficial to our recovery?

For many people, a higher power and the term God are synonymous. If we have a religious affiliation, this is a simple concept for us. If we don’t, it can be more complicated, and we’ll want to create a definition for ourselves. Some people consider their higher power to be the universe, or Mother Nature, or the concept of destiny or fate. Many people consider their own inner spirit to be an extension of their higher power. Our higher power is the power that is bigger and more powerful than we are. It’s our creator – the creative force of humanity, the world, the planet. It’s the power behind how things manifest into reality.

We look to our higher power to uplift us and give us strength when we feel weak. We pray to it. We feel guided, supported and protected by it. When it comes to our addictions, relying on our higher power can help us to feel less alone, less overwhelmed, and less overpowered by our painful issues. When we feel our lives and our challenges have become more than we can bear, we can turn to our higher power. We rely on it for our sense of hope, faith and optimism. We look to it to be our light when we’re inundated with darkness.

We are the human manifestations of our higher power, regardless of what that higher power might look like. We carry its power within us. Our spirit is our direct connection to it, and our spirituality is the practice of connecting with it in everything we do. If we don’t already feel a relationship with our higher power, we can develop one for ourselves through meditation, exploration and prayer. When we meditate, we’re going inward. We’re learning to quiet the noise and distractions of our thinking minds to access the inner peace within. We can find our higher power in that place, and the more we journey inward, the more we’ll connect with it. We can explore developing a spiritual practice, reading spiritual texts, and learning from other more experienced people. We also can connect with our higher power through prayer. We sometimes associate prayer with asking for what we want, but prayer is also the process of strengthening our connection to our spirit and our higher power.

When we have a relationship with our higher power, we are more connected with ourselves and therefore more likely to be able to weather the storms of any challenge, including addiction.

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