Creating Stillness Within Ourselves

Creating Stillness Within Ourselves

When we’re struggling with addictions and mental health issues, it can be rare that we feel stillness and a sense of peace within ourselves. We feel at odds with ourselves. We feel consumed with inner turmoil and internal conflict. Our thoughts race. We’re filled with anxiety. Our minds are overly active and it’s hard to get them to rest. We are constantly bombarded with the noise and clutter of our busy minds.

When we’re in this place, it can be especially hard to find the serenity we need to recover. We use drugs, alcohol, sex and other substances and behaviors to numb ourselves so we can forget our thoughts and zone out. We feel a temporary quiet and stillness, but it’s an artificial, superficial one that can’t take the place of finding genuine tranquility within ourselves. How do we create stillness for ourselves that is lasting and real, that brings us peace and helps us to recover?

Meditation is a powerful way to develop quiet, space and stillness within us. It teaches us how to slow down our minds long enough to hear the voice of our inner self. It allows us to reconnect with our inner guidance system and our higher power. Breathing exercises, visualizations and guided meditations are all effective and helpful in quieting our minds. You can also try walking meditation, journaling or listening to meditation music.

Carve out time to be alone without distraction. That means giving dedicated time to putting the phone away, turning off the TV, and shutting the computer. It means sitting with the initial discomfort, the urge to fidget and check social media, the overwhelm we can feel when there’s silence and the need to want to fill it with some kind of distraction. Get to know yourself. Listen to your inner voice. What is it saying? If you’re like many people, your inner voice is unkind, critical and judgmental. No wonder we don’t want to get quiet. Our addictions are often our way of drowning out how painful that inner voice can be.

Let’s work to direct our self-talk toward stillness. Use affirmations and writing to create a healthier self-image and a more positive subconscious soundtrack. List the things you feel grateful for, about yourself and life in general. Use your words and thoughts to uplift and encourage yourself so that you can calm your anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. “I am good enough. I am at peace within myself. I can create serenity for myself. I can find calm and stillness.” The more at peace we are with ourselves, the easier it will be to create stillness for ourselves and find the healing we crave.

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