Depression Quotes to Lift You Up

Depression Quotes to Lift You Up

Depression can take a toll on your mental outlook in life. You should always wake up every day looking forward to whatever comes to you. By gathering up a bunch of inspiration quotes will motivate you that anything wrong in your life can get better.

It helps to read or keep a journal of quotes in handy with you and to keep them in a place where you will always find them like on your desk or next to your bed. It also helps to read them from people who dealt with a heavy hand as well. For example, the one who said “Once you choose hope, anything is possible” was Christopher Reeve. He was an actor known for playing Superman but became a quadriplegic after getting thrown off a horse. He obviously used his hope to be able to get through his life without being able to move any of his limbs or breathe on his own. Reeve founded his own organization, The Christopher Reeve Foundation, to raise funds for spinal cord research and improve the lives of those with disabilities just like him. This proves that if Christopher Reeve was able to find hope despite his physical handicaps, you can get through anything life hands you.

Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyers had her own problems as well. Her father would sexually assault her when she was younger and her husband would force her to steal payroll checks from her employer and then ended up cheating on her. She still had the power to say “A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you.” It means that you need to find control over your life no matter what the circumstances are. That it is important to find the best in everything instead of making the excuse that your circumstances are stronger than yourself.

Albert Einstein had his struggles as scientists and mathematicians did not believe in his work about light and gravity. His quote was “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” That should give you hope that making a mistake is not the end of the world but the opportunity to learn from them and try something new. Use any of these quotes to learn that there have been others who have had it worse than you who have been able to fight through it.

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