Different Kinds of Heroin

Different Kinds of Heroin

All drugs are created differently where some are in different colors, taken differently, and some are more or less potent than others. While some may be less potent than others does not mean safe. What all kinds of heroin have in common is they can all lead to an addiction and it is important to be aware of different kinds of heroin that you know to stay away from.

One type of heroin is black tar which is dark brown or black that has a tar-like sticky feel. It is melted down and injected into the veins or smoked. This type of heroin is produced in Mexico which makes access easier in the Western United States as well as big cities like Los Angeles. Black tar heroin makes its way to the brain quickly and causes a temporary sensation of euphoria. Other symptoms can occur as well like heavy limbs, clouded thinking, flushed skin, and a dry mouth. Black tar can have dangerous side effects to your health like venous sclerosis which narrows and hardens your veins. It can make your veins collapse altogether which leads someone to shooting heroin in the muscle. Bacterial infections can also occur quickly as well as wound botulism which leads to paralysis and death.

White heroin is the purest form of heroin and can be pink, brown, beige, and off-white since heroin comes from different chemical processes. White heroin is either injected or snorted since it takes a high temperature to burn it and smoke. The effects can last from 45 seconds to several minutes. In an hour, you can switch from being semi-conscious to awake. White heroin can affect your decision-making and stress response as well as cause pneumonia, tuberculosis, and HIV.

Brown heroin is the first state of purification which makes it easier to produce and cheaper to make compared to white heroin. This type of heroin is smoked since it does not dissolve well. Southeast Asian heroin is white, powdered, and highly water soluble. The color changes depending on the material cut before being sold. No matter what kind of heroin you use, it is still illegal and highly addictive. People of all ages, lifestyles, and genders have used heroin and many of them are still struggling with addiction. Never treat any heroin you hear about lightly and get treatment as soon as possible before the side effects ruin your life.

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