Finding our Joy

Finding our Joy

When we’ve spent years of our lives grappling with addiction, we can lose our connection to our inner selves and to our joy. Many of us struggle with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety which cause us to live in fear and sadness, further disconnecting us from our true selves. We feel lost and alone, and our tendency to withdraw from other people and isolate ourselves compounds these difficult feelings. When we’re struggling with addiction, we can feel deeply confused, overwhelmed and distressed. The severity of our emotional pain can cause us to lose sight of our joy.

How can we reconnect with our joy? Let’s take some time to remember what made us happy before we became embroiled in the cycles of addiction. When we were using, we associated our happiness with the feeling of being high, but over time we come to see that this feeling is temporary. It doesn’t bring us peace or hope. It doesn’t make us feel fulfilled or satisfied on a deep level. It’s our way of trying to avoid our pain, and ultimately it only brings us a false sense of happiness that isn’t lasting or meaningful.

What made you happy before your addiction took hold of your life? What did you love to do? What kind of things did you look forward to? What brought you excitement? What gave your life a sense of adventure?

Unlike the momentary good feelings of being high, our joy is deep and lies in our connection to the strength of our inner power. We can find our joy in the very essence of who we are, in our hearts, souls and spirits. When we find our calling in life, our unique purpose, it fills us up with excitement. We feel fulfilled. We feel redeemed. We have a clear vision for ourselves and our lives and a renewed sense of motivation. We feel inspired to take action towards our goals.

Give some energy to rediscovering the truth of who you are. What is your purpose? What are your unique gifts, strengths and talents? What do you have to offer the world? How can you make the world a better place? Make daily, weekly and monthly goals to encourage yourself to start putting more time into developing your gifts. When we are able to direct our energy into our passions rather than into trying to avoid our pain, we can be pleasantly surprised at how much we come alive, how much we look forward to each day.

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