Having Faith in Our Recovery

Having Faith in Our Recovery

Many of us living with addiction have reason to be skeptical about our chances for recovery. We’ve already relapsed, or we’ve seen other people succeed while in treatment only to fail shortly thereafter. We don’t know anyone who has successfully managed to kick their addictions. Everyone we know is struggling with addiction, and we don’t know anyone who is hopeful for their own recovery. We take our experiences and those of the other people in our lives as the objective truth of what we can expect for ourselves and our own recovery.

Our energy affects everything we do in our lives, along with everything we attract into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings and fears contribute to our manifestation process. When we don’t have faith that we can succeed, we hinder ourselves and the progress we could make. Choosing to have faith in ourselves and our ability to get better makes all the difference to our chances for a successful recovery. Having faith in our recovery lights the way for our healing. How do we hold onto our faith when we’re filled with fear, when we’ve already experienced the failure that we’re so afraid of?

Having faith in ourselves means strengthening our connection to our inner selves, a connection many of us have neglected and abandoned to our addictions for much of our lives. We have to know and understand ourselves on a deep level if we’re going to have faith in ourselves. It’s very hard to have faith in something you feel disconnected or estranged from. When we don’t know and love ourselves, we have no emotional foundation for believing in ourselves. Reconnecting to our inner selves means shedding all the layers we’ve been piling up on ourselves, all the distractions we’ve created in the form of relationships and addictions, all the things taking our focus away from who we really are. Reconnecting with self helps us to uncover our purpose, the driving force of our lives that we can apply our energy towards.

We reconnect with ourselves any time we sit in silence with ourselves. When we meditate, we go inward, beyond the clutter and noise, to the place of stillness within us. We can meditate in different ways – through breathing exercises, visualizations, guided meditations, walking meditation and writing. The more we practice going within, the more we reconnect with our inner truth. Going within helps us to access our strength, our resilience, and the faith we need to succeed in our recovery.

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