How Can I Change My Thought Patterns?

How Can I Change My Thought Patterns?

The beliefs we hold and the thought patterns we cling to become ingrained in us over time and with repetition. The more we think them without questioning them, without contradicting them and without working to heal them, the stronger they become. We essentially become complicit in allowing our limiting beliefs to take hold and overpower us. They contribute to our depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. They play a huge role in our addictive patterns. We can feel powerless over our thought patterns because they are strong and tend to dominate our thinking. They sway our emotions and make us feel inadequate, ashamed and insecure. They cause us considerable mental and emotional distress. They can even convince us to harm ourselves physically, deprive ourselves of self-care and put ourselves at risk.

Our subconscious minds govern 95% of our daily lives, including our conscious thoughts, feelings, behaviors, decisions and actions. Our patterns and recurring life issues can all be explained by examining our subconscious beliefs in more depth. To understand what is being stored in our subconscious mind, we need only analyze how we’re thinking, feeling and behaving on a regular basis. Changing our conscious thought patterns so that we can be happy, healthy and whole means reprogramming our subconscious minds. We want to clear away all the self-harming limiting beliefs we’ve developed and replace them with self-loving, uplifting, empowering beliefs.

The subconscious mind responds to repetition, to the written word, and to visualization. Try repeating and writing affirmations that reflect the new truths you want to instill. Practice thinking the way you want to think. Give time and energy to creating new thought patterns, and soon they will take root in your subconscious mind, allowing you to think positively and feel the way you want to feel. Visualization also works wonders. Visualize yourself thinking, feeling and behaving in the ways you would like to. Visualize yourself as the highest, truest, healthiest version of yourself.

Our minds are wired to want to think negatively. Fears will undoubtedly pop up whenever we’re working to heal ourselves and our minds. Meditation teaches us to let whatever arises just be, without reacting to it too strongly. When you experience thoughts and feelings that contradict the thought patterns you’re working to instill, don’t panic. Let those thoughts be there, but then gently pull your attention back to the new, healthier ways of thinking. Fighting the old thought patterns works much less effectively than replacing them with new ones. Give your energy to the new thought patterns, and soon the old ones will naturally start to fall away, making room for more happiness and better health.

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