How Can I Prevent Myself from Relapsing?

How Can I Prevent Myself from Relapsing?

An unfortunate reality for those of us in recovery is that many of us do relapse, sometimes multiple times. There are some things we can do, however, to help prevent ourselves from relapsing. Here are a few suggestions.

Consider treatment as the first step in recovery, not the last step. The work continues long after you leave a treatment program. A common misconception is that completing treatment is all we have to do for a successful recovery, that treatment will cure us, but it is just the beginning of the work we have to continue to do if we want to stay sober. Find a therapist if you don’t already have one, and make a commitment to yourself to go to therapy on a regular basis. Attend support group meetings as often as you can. Reach out to your sponsor regularly, not just when you’re in crisis.

The more we connect with our therapists, support groups, sponsors, new friends in recovery, and other trusted sources of support, the better our chances of staying sober. Getting emotional support is so important. Sometimes our inability to connect with other people and allow ourselves to receive their help contributed to our addictive patterns. Many of us were unable to reach out for help even when we knew we needed it. Any time you find yourself feeling anxious or depressed, or tempted to use, connect with someone and ask for help. Sometimes just talking to someone can do wonders to lift our spirits and help us get back on track. There is so much we can learn from other people, especially from fellow addicts in recovery and those with the expertise to help us. The more we open ourselves to receiving their wisdom, the more we empower ourselves to stay sober.

Start a spiritual practice and keep up with it. One of the most important factors in whether or not we relapse is how we feel – how we deal with stress, how we respond to triggers, how we handle our emotions. The more connected we feel to our inner selves and higher power, the more we’re able to process our difficult emotions in a grounded and centered way, with calm and grace. Experiment with prayer, creating an altar, working with crystals, journaling and having a regular gratitude practice. Anything you do to connect to your spirit will help you navigate the challenging emotions that come with addiction and recovery. We can lean on our higher power for the strength and courage we need to keep working our recovery program.

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