How Can I Reconnect with My Inner Self?

How Can I Reconnect with My Inner Self?

Addiction can harden us and make us lose our connection to our inner selves. We can struggle to hear the voice of our intuition. We can lose our compassion and kindness. We can lose the understanding, acceptance and patience we once had with ourselves and others. We can become cynical, negative, bitter and resentful. We can allow our pain to poison how we view ourselves, other people and the world in general. This can cause us to disconnect and isolate ourselves even more. How can we find our inner voice again so that we can really heal?

When we’re disconnected from our inner selves, we can feel overwhelmed, confused and sad. We can easily fall into a serious depression. We can’t heal in a deep, transformative way if we’re not connected to our inner selves. We might go through the motions of addiction recovery, completing a treatment program for example, but if we’re still disconnected from who we truly are, we haven’t healed the emotional wounds keeping ourselves blocked from our true selves.

Reconnecting with ourselves is about giving energy to exploring our inner world, our thoughts, emotions, fears and wounds. It’s about making time for self-reflection. It’s about learning to create silence, space and stillness within ourselves to allow our intuition to be able to communicate with us again. We can be inundated with the clutter and loud noise of the panic and stress in our minds. When we’re in that place, being able to hear our inner voice can feel impossible.

Struggling under the weight of addiction can cause us to lose our hope. We can lose our faith in ourselves and our ability to recover. Our hopelessness creates even more separation between our true selves and the fears of our ego minds. Healing our internal connection is about making time to foster inner peace within ourselves.

We are always busier than we actually need to be. Slow down. Get quiet. Meditate. When you’re doing something, do it with your full attention. This is part of mindfulness, and like meditation, it helps us to slow our racing thoughts and have more clarity. Listen for your true thoughts and feelings, underneath the mental clutter. What does your soul need to feel reconnected? What does your heart need to feel open again? Ask your inner self questions and then open yourself up to listening for the answers. Perhaps you need time in nature. Maybe you need quality time with loved ones you’ve been separated from. Perhaps you could benefit from talking things through with a therapist. Whatever it is we need, our inner selves know, we just have to learn to listen.

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