How Can We Learn from Our Patterns?

How Can We Learn from Our Patterns?

Many of us have a way of repeating our patterns unconsciously without realizing it. We perpetuate toxic and self-destructive patterns in recurring cycles. Our issues repeat themselves until we’re able to learn from them. Until we realize this, we tend to blame our issues on other people, or we feel victimized by life, powerless to create the lives we want for ourselves. To stop ourselves from continuing down a path of self-destruction, we can learn how to analyze our patterns so that we can discover the guidance they hold for us.

What kinds of problems keep coming up for you? What cycles keep repeating themselves? What recurring issues do you find yourself dealing with over and over again? Maybe you keep attracting, and staying in, unhealthy relationships where your partner doesn’t treat you with kindness and respect. Perhaps you have repeating patterns of depression and anxiety. Maybe you keep manifesting the same financial difficulties. You might find that your friendships keep disintegrating into conflict and misunderstanding.

Give time and energy to looking at these patterns closely. Look at your whole life, and see what things keep returning. Be honest with yourself. If you continue to feed your denial, avoidance and dishonesty, you won’t be able to learn from your patterns and move forward. Try writing down your patterns, and how often they come back. Do they return every year? Do they coincide with a specific kind of event or situation? For example, you might become depressed every time you experience a bad breakup, or your friendships might suffer whenever someone confronts you on your addictive behavior.

Enlist the support of a therapist or spiritual guide to help you process your patterns. For many of us, we can get to the root of our issues more easily with the guidance of someone more experienced. Dig deep and be brave. You’ll be confronting issues that are years in the making, that are likely stemming from your deepest wounds and most difficult traumatic experiences. Learning from our patterns means facing the fears we have yet to fully address, fears we often try to avoid with our addictions.

See what you can learn about yourself from analyzing your patterns. Your unhealthy relationship patterns might stem from your deeply rooted fears of inadequacy. You don’t feel you deserve to be loved or treated well, so you stay with people who reflect that back to you. Your financial troubles might come from your fears of responsibility and success. Working to learn from our patterns can help us to get to know ourselves in a deeper way so that we can interrupt our unhealthy patterns and create healthier ones for ourselves.

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