How Do I Face My Fears of Recovery?

How Do I Face My Fears of Recovery?

Facing our fears is something we must learn to do if we want to stop our addictions from controlling our lives and directing our choices and behaviors. Fear plays a major role in our addictions, because we are often running from our fears when we turn to our addictions, in an attempt not to feel them. We develop self-destructive patterns because of our unhealed fears, and in refusing to face them, we are compounding the power our addictions hold over us. How do we learn to face our fears?

Learning to face our fears is just like any other habit. It takes time and practice. What is something you’ve been afraid of doing for your recovery? Perhaps you’ve been hesitant to start therapy or attend a support group. Maybe you’ve been thinking about entering treatment or finding a sponsor. Set small, attainable goals and work to achieve them. It might be researching therapists and treatment centers, asking friends for recommendations, or exploring how to prepare yourself for these difficult transitions. Every time you make a step towards your goal, making a phone call or following up on a recommendation, reading about recovery, or making an appointment, you’re facing your fear. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, you are being courageous in the face of addiction, one of the most difficult challenges of our lives. Practice finding actionable steps you can take and practice pushing through the fear to take those steps.

Facing our fears becomes easier the more we change our perspective on ourselves, our abilities and our fear. Where we once thought of fear as holding power over us and controlling us, we can start to see it as a test of our courage. Every time we rise to the challenge of facing our fear, let’s congratulate ourselves and take note of how much it took to accomplish that goal. Encourage and affirm yourself. Be proud of yourself. Celebrate every win, no matter how small. Where you once might have thought of yourself as weak and powerless over your fear, start affirming that you are strong, courageous and brave. Remind yourself that you have the power to conquer your fears. Make the choice not to let fear run your life. Tell yourself that you are powerful, that you are capable, that you are destined to move past your debilitating fears.

The recovery process can feel daunting, scary and overwhelming, but the more we work to believe in ourselves and our capacity for healing, the more we can face our fears and reach our recovery goals.

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