How Do I Know if I Have Unhealed Trauma?

How Do I Know if I Have Unhealed Trauma?

A great many of us have endured traumatic experiences, and many of us have yet to heal from them. How can we know if we still have unhealed trauma that we haven’t resolved?

The answer to this question lies in examining our patterns – our behavioral patterns, our emotions, our thought patterns, our relationships and our persistent, cyclical, recurring issues. Chances are if there is unhealthiness or instability in any of these patterns, there is unhealed trauma at the root.

Do you turn to addictive and compulsive behaviors to try to numb your pain? Do you self-harm or allow others to hurt you? Do you feel as though you’ve blocked certain memories and suppressed certain emotions? Do you react in extreme ways that give you or others cause for concern? Do you feel easily triggered but don’t know why? Do you lash out at other people? Do you beat yourself up? Do you struggle to manage your feelings? Do you regularly feel totally overtaken by anger, sadness or panic? Do you struggle with persistent depression or anxiety that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter what you do? Do you feel like your thoughts and emotions are out of control? Do you have unhealthy relationship patterns where you stay in toxic and even abusive relationships? Do you have a hard time forgiving other people and/or yourself?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you might be carrying something within you that you have yet to process and come to terms with. It can feel daunting, overwhelming and even terrifying to confront the past, especially if you’ve never tried to before. We very commonly turn to denial and avoidance. Enlist the support of a therapist or spiritual guide to help you face the traumas of your past. Be brave. Everything you’ve been through is a part of your journey. None of it can take you down unless you allow it to. You were meant to experience everything you’ve lived through. Your experiences strengthened and molded you into the person you’ve become. The more you heal and learn to love yourself, the more you will come to appreciate your past, including your trauma, for how it has contributed to making you the strong, unique, empowered person you are.

If you think you have signs of unhealed trauma, chances are you do. Many of us do. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not abnormal, broken, or damaged. You deserve to heal. Work to incorporate all the parts of you, including the challenges, into the light of healing, acceptance and self-love.

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