How Do I Know if I Need Treatment?

How Do I Know if I Need Treatment?

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

The decision to get help with our addictions can be one of the hardest we’ll ever have to make, and it can be filled with fear, worry and anxiety. One of the factors in the decision can be our fear and trepidation around receiving professional help, but for many of us that is exactly what we need.

Many of us who choose treatment do so because we’re in crisis and need an extra level of care. We might be so depressed that we can’t function normally. Our addictive behaviors may have become totally unmanageable. We may feel out of control physically, emotionally or mentally. We might have hit rock bottom and feel we simply can’t take anymore. In these moments of crisis, treatment can provide the stability and security that we need. Sometimes our addictions have become so severe that we are a danger to ourselves or others. We might be self-harming or struggling with thoughts of suicide. Many of us feel we are at the end of our rope, and treatment is our last hope.

Professional treatment is also helpful when we feel we don’t yet have the inner tools to keep ourselves on track with our recovery work. We might be struggling to get to our meetings and appointments. We might be overwhelmed having to take care of ourselves. We may be depressed, and even if we can function in our daily lives, we can’t seem to make progress with our recovery on our own. When you need extra support and care, treatment can be a great resource.

If you’ve been working toward recovery for some time, perhaps you’ve even relapsed, treatment can give you the additional support and help you need. We tend to think we need to do things on our own, and that if we don’t, there’s something wrong with us. There’s nothing to be ashamed of and getting help can mean the difference between a successful recovery and yet another relapse. Unburden yourself, and allow yourself to receive help.

Entering treatment can be difficult and scary, but it can be exactly what we need to create lasting changes in our lifestyles, behavioral patterns, relationships and home environments. Sometimes we need to move outside of our normal routines and ways of doing things in order to be able to look at ourselves and our lives with more honesty, clarity and objectivity.

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