How Do I Stop Isolating Myself?

How Do I Stop Isolating Myself?

Sometimes when we are depressed and struggling with our addictions, we tend to isolate ourselves, from the world and also from the people and resources that could help us. These times in particular are when we can most benefit from other people’s love and support. We isolate because we think no one will understand our pain. We isolate because we think that our mistakes are unforgivable and that we don’t deserve to be loved. We isolate because we don’t want to be a burden on other people. How do we stop isolating ourselves in order to get the support and connection we need?

Remind yourself that no matter what you’ve experienced, you’re never alone in your pain. Pain is a common unifier in human nature, and no matter how unique your story, there are people out there who will understand and empathize. Chances are there are people who’ve experienced the same or very similar. When you remind yourself of these things, it can help you start to shed this idea that you’re strange or abnormal, that your unique story somehow makes you inadequate or inferior. Our painful experiences are much more common and understandable than we might assume. We have so much to learn from others, and to offer them, when we focus on our shared humanity.

Make the choice to forgive yourself. A lot of our isolation comes from our feelings of shame. Start giving more energy to detaching from your painful memories. Detach from your mistakes and wrongdoings. A powerful way to help us with is practicing acceptance. Accept that you’ve made mistakes and hurt people, as has every other person on this planet. Accept your painful emotions rather than trying to resist them. Open your heart to yourself. Open yourself up to loving and forgiving yourself. As you do this, you’ll reconnect with your inner self. The more you heal, chances are the more you will want to connect and share with other people because you’ve shed the shame that has made you feel you should separate yourself.

It can be very hard to come out of our patterns of isolation, especially when we are naturally inclined to be introverted. Start giving more energy to finding the kindred spirits that make you feel as comfortable and safe as you feel when you’re alone. You might make a new friend in a support group meeting. You could join a class or volunteer group and connect with someone there. Any time we have a healthy connection with someone else, it can help us to remember that there is beauty in connecting with other people and the world around us, and it can help us to draw ourselves out of our isolation little by little.

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