How Does Addiction Change Us?

How Does Addiction Change Us?

One of our biggest motivating forces to recover from our addictions is wanting to get back to who we were before addiction took over our lives. We want to rebuild the lives we lost. What are some ways in which addiction changes us?

Addiction impacts us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Mentally we can be quite altered. We can experience memory loss. We can become cognitively impaired. We can struggle to understand things that once were simple for us. We can lose entire skill sets.

Emotionally, addiction can cause us to lose our joy, of our sense of purpose, and our will to live. We can experience deep sadness, fear and anger. We can become more volatile and behave in extreme ways we might not have otherwise. Addiction can become a destructive force in our relationships, causing them to become toxic, even abusive. We might distance ourselves from loved ones, leaving us estranged sometimes for years at a time. We may have a hard time accepting the reality of our addiction, and this can make us cut off relationships, especially when the other person is confronting us on the issue. Addiction can contribute to our depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Our emotional health often worsens the deeper we fall into our addiction. Our mental and emotional breakdowns often coincide with hitting rock bottom in our addiction.

Addiction can have various physical effects on us. It can cause us to age and wrinkle prematurely. We often look and feel exhausted. It can impact our sleep patterns causing us to lose sleep and have chronic insomnia along with our depression, or sleep too much, another symptom of depression. We might experience heightened anxiety and panic attacks, which can feel as though we’re having a heart attack. Addiction can sometimes cause us to develop other destructive habits that impact our physical health. Some of us might start smoking more cigarettes when we’re dealing with the anxiety and stress of our addictions. We may develop eating disorders. Our physical health, such as our blood pressure and heart health, and our digestive health can all be impaired. We develop all kinds of ulcers, gastritis, liver and kidney disease, and various other physical illnesses.

Spiritually, addiction can cause us to totally lose our connection with our inner self and higher power. We can feel lost, alone, isolated and abandoned. Our spiritual disconnection can cause us to lose our hopefulness and our faith in ourselves, in other people, in the world in general. Addiction changes us in both obvious and imperceptible ways. Understanding the extreme ways in which we are impacted can help motivate us to seek help.

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