How to Have a Sober Valentine’s Day

How to Have a Sober Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where you celebrate love with the people that you love. You may have thought that you loved drugs and alcohol but it ended up being a poisonous relationship that left you sick. It is important that you find sober ways to enjoy yourself on Valentine’s Day that do not involve drugs or alcohol but about loving people and yourself.

You can go to a museum in your area to explore the art and culture around you as one idea. Look at different works of art by different artists who have different ways of viewing the world and emotions. Take notice of the colors they use, the patterns, and what they may have been thinking when they created something like this. These are things you may not have noticed when you were under the influence. The best thing about museums is that you can spend as much time as you want there and to stay until closing.

You can also invite some people to come over and cook together. Make everyone’s favorite foods with no alcoholic beverages in sight. Or you can make a new recipe that no one has ever had before. Dedicate the day to making a full course meal with appetizers, salads, the main course, and dessert. You will surprise yourself by how much you have accomplished and how yummy your creation tastes. Another romantic idea is to plan a picnic. Get some sparkling grape soda instead of bringing a bottle of wine. Bring your favorite dishes that you can share with that special someone along with some lit-up candles. Pick your favorite spot in your area to have this picnic that has a great view like the beach, a park, or your favorite spot in the city that has the best sunset.

There is also nothing like going to dinner and a movie. When you go to a restaurant, make reservations and immediately tell the person you are speaking with not to serve you or place a drinks menu at your table. Make sure it is somewhere intimate where it is not too noisy and where you and your partner can have polite conversation. Go to a movie theater that does not serve alcohol at the concession stand. If you are worried that the only movie theater near you has alcohol and will feel triggered, have your partner order your snacks and head on over to your seat. Going to a movie will give you the opportunity to laugh at the spectacle displaying on the big screen or maybe you will get scared if you are watching a horror film. Either way, it will be a memorable experience that you can share with someone.

A coffee shop is another place you and your loved one can go to where you can order a hot cup of coffee or or an cold drink. You can also bring a pack of cards to the coffee shop and sit on a comfortable couch or chair compared to the barstools at the bar. You could also go to a coffee shop that has live entertainment like a band or spoken word poetry to soothe your ears to. You can feel more relaxed and drink a beverage that will not destroy your health, work, or social life. Check your area to see if there are any local events occurring near you like a carnival, a concert, an art showing, or anything else where you can make memories with your significant other. Bowling is also a fun sober activity as you can cheer victory whenever you knock the pins down, get a strike, or a spare. And you can laugh when the ball does not touch the pins. You can make it competitive and pick teams to make the games more fun.

Since it is never too late to learn anything new, you can take a class in ballroom dancing, cooking, painting, etc. This will bring you and your partner closer together as you help each other out and both learn this new skill. If the weather is nice today, you can go for a hike and take a look at the beautiful sights. Take pictures or a video so that you can cherish these memories forever. If you want to be creative, you can let the one you love know how much you love him or her by making a scavenger hunt. You can plant clues at places that defined your relationship such as where you met, had your first date, first kiss, etc. Then, you can lead that person back to your apartment for a nice home-cooked meal. Your partner may have been used to seeing you faithful to your drug of choice and still stuck by you through your struggles. This scavenger hunt will show you how strong your relationship is and bring back happy moments of the two of you.

Valentine’s Day is not just about loving your significant other but about loving yourself. You did not think much of yourself when you were high or drunk. Give your family a call and let them know how you are. You can also write a love letter to yourself of everything that makes you proud of yourself. By picking any of these sober Valentine’s Day date ideas, you will learn to appreciate everything around you as well as the people in your life and yourself.

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