How to Keep Living While Depressed

How to Keep Living While Depressed

Depression can change the outlook of how you see the world where you feel sad all the time and think it will not get better. It is important to realize that it will always get better for as long as you are alive. By surrounding yourself with positive people, tasks, and finding reasons to live, you will be motivated to continue being in this world with a smile.

It may happen to you where you wake up in the morning that you feel you do not have anything to look forward to. You can change that. Write positive affirmations on sticky notes to motivate you to be happy for today. You can leave them by the side of your bed, your alarm clock, or on the wall facing you when you open your eyes. It can be affirmations like “You can do it,” “Be the best you that you can be,” “Everyone will love you no matter what,” and others.

You can also make a list of things to look forward to today. For every item that you check off, congratulate yourself as it will improve your confidence and sense of well-being. It can be things like looking forward to reading a chapter of your book, a new episode of a television show you are watching, spending time with your friends, getting to see your family, and more. Each day always presents something new so do not assume that it will always be bad. Your brain digests your thoughts which affects the outlook of your life so feed your brain with positivity.

Exercising releases feel good endorphins that will keep you relaxed and refreshed for the rest of the day. Try exercising for 35 minutes five days a week. You do not have to have a gym membership or own expensive equipment. You can go swimming, walking, do stretches, dance, etc. You might be surrounded by too much negativity on a daily basis. While there are tragedies you may face in your life that are beyond your control, control what is in your reach. This can mean not spending too many hours watching sad stories on the news. You can go on websites like Good News Network that has inspirational stories to follow and make you feel happy. You should also avoid being around people who will drain your energy or are always negative. You need to be around those who pump you up when you are feeling down. Find happy topics to talk about with these people instead of dwelling on the tragedies that are going on in the world. You can also make a list or a journal of all of the good people in the world that you look up to who have had it hard but made it through whether they are real life people that you have personally known or famous figures.

Even though you may have a long day at work or at school, find opportunities to be around people. Set aside time each day to see your friends and family and to do something fun together. You should also find volunteer opportunities in your area so you can help those that need it. This will give you a sense of belonging and further convince you that you are more useful to others when you are alive. Sleeping can also affect your depression as getting too little sleep or too much sleep can emotionally drain you. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep so that you can wake up with energy. If you have any keepsakes that remind you of unhappy moments, throw them away or keep them in a place locked up. Whether they are pictures of someone you lost or a gift that your ex-spouse gave you, do not spend too much time dwelling on these objects.

It also helps to change your appearance to give yourself a better outlook and mood. The way you dress can affect the way you feel. Make a hair appointment or go shopping for a new wardrobe. Sometimes, your fears of the day could be nothing to worry about. Write down what you are afraid of facing today, how to minimize that fear, and what you will do if the worst case scenario comes true. That way, you can prepare yourself more if your big fears come true and they will not be scary anymore.  

Suicide should never be considered an option when you are going through tough times or that things are not working out for you. There is always a chance that things will work out as long as you are alive. If you ever have suicidal thoughts, think of all of the reasons why it is important for you to be alive like all of the beautiful things in the world that you will miss. When you are alive, you can educating others and providing other people hope that have been in the same shoes as you. Do not have your long story cut short as someone one day may ask you about your story when you make amazing accomplishments. Most importantly, think of all of the people who will be devastated because of a permanent choice that you made to take your own life. If you are still experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call 1-800-273-8255 for the 24 hour Suicide Prevention Hotline where someone will always be available to talk to you.

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