Living From a Place of Serenity

Living From a Place of Serenity

Living with addictions often means we’ve become accustomed to living with inner turmoil, serious conflict in our relationships, and very difficult life circumstances. Feeling calm and at peace can feel distant and impossible, but we can make the choice to prioritize serenity in every moment. We have more control over our thoughts and emotions than we think we do, and the more we practice cultivating serenity and peace within ourselves, the happier and calmer we’ll be and the more energy we’ll have to work towards our recovery.

Trying to cope with our addictions and working to recover from them can be draining and overwhelming. We’re dealing with intense amounts of stress and emotional pressure. We can feel completely depleted, imbalanced and ungrounded. There are some ways in which we can restore our inner sense of calm and peace. When we are living from a place of serenity, we have the energy to heal ourselves. When we’re feeling at peace, we’re more likely to make good decisions for ourselves. We’re more likely to have the willpower to withstand addictive urges and compulsions. When we can embody the energy of healing, we open ourselves to the support and love we need to help us recover. When we are in a positive place, we’re better able to attract the help and resources we need.

In every moment, we can choose to be at peace. We can choose whether we want to prioritize positive feelings that encourage and support our wellbeing, or negative feelings that limit us and hold us back. In every situation, we can choose to have gratitude and to see the good. We can choose to have an outlook that is positive and optimistic. We can choose hope and faith over fear.

When we are living with inner pain, very often we’re holding onto thought patterns that are negative, critical, pessimistic and fear-based. These ways of thinking cause us to hold onto our difficult feelings rather than release them and let them subside naturally. We become attached to them. We can choose to actively practice letting them go. We can choose to replace them with thoughts and feelings that cause us to feel at peace.

Start noticing your thoughts and when they are interfering with your sense of peace and serenity, put energy into retraining your mind by repeating affirmations such as, “I am at peace within myself. I am calm. I see the good in everything. I choose to think positively. I choose gratitude and appreciation.” Soon you will adopt thought patterns that reinforce serenity, and you will have increased energy and hopefulness that will aid you in your recovery.

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