Making Peace with Our Demons

Making Peace with Our Demons

Our inner demons are the thoughts and feelings that we feel haunted by, the stressors and triggers that bother us the most. We can feel like our minds are controlled by them. We feel haunted, overpowered, even psychologically tortured by them. Our demons are our insecurities, our complexes, our obsessions. We develop anxiety disorders and neuroses around them. We create a self-image based on the self-hatred our demons make us feel. We reject and demonize ourselves. We are filled with shame. To heal from our addictions and mental health issues, we need to make peace with our demons.

Our demons keep us locked in recurring cycles of pain and confusion. They contribute to our manifesting the same painful issues over and over again. We believe the things they tell us – that our limiting beliefs about ourselves are true, that we are in fact inadequate, that we’ll never reach our goals. We’re constantly in a battle with our demons, trying to convince ourselves that we’re worthy, then succumbing to the self-deprecating insecurity. We’re filled with self-doubt. We feel at odds with ourselves. We struggle to feel balanced, grounded or at peace. We feel disconnected from our inner selves and our intuition. We feel like we don’t know who we are.

Trying to fight our demons only makes them stronger. Our fear adds fuel to their fire. They thrive on our reactivity and fester on our emotional responses. The way we react to them, with panic, sadness and anger, only strengthens them. When we try to numb ourselves from them with our addictions, we give them more power over us. Instead of trying to silence or banish them, let’s accept them instead. Let’s make peace with them. When painful thoughts pop up, notice them, observe that they are there, but try not to react with defensiveness or fear. Don’t try to push them away, or convince yourself of anything, or be self-defensive. Just let them be. This practice is a meditative approach to handling our demons. We’re breathing through the discomfort rather than reacting.

Instead of running from our demons and turning to our addictions, we’re mindfully facing our fears instead. We’re accepting that we have fear, we have painful thoughts. We can acknowledge that they’re there without panicking or overreacting. This process helps to neutralize them. They lose their steam. Their power over us starts to diminish. Our acceptance has helped take the sting out of our fears and has helped slow down the momentum of our demons. Acceptance of our insecurities helps us to take a more objective look at them. Then we see that our limiting beliefs are built on a shaky foundation of fear. Making peace with our fears, and the demons that represent them, helps us face our fear so that we can heal it.

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