New Google Android To Help With Smartphone Addiction

New Google Android To Help With Smartphone Addiction

Living in a technology-centric world means that we are glued to our phones as we do not want to miss any calls, texts, or app notifications from our social media accounts. We can manually do things like darken our phones or set our own alarms but that requires willpower which people with technology addiction struggle with. Google has created a new android that should help those with technology learn how often they are on their phone and when to take a healthy break.

The goal of the Android P operating system is to help consumers and parents help themselves from smartphone addiction. This idea was unveiled at Google’s I/O developer conference in Silicon Valley. There will be activations on no-distraction modes and provide feedback on how to use your phone. There is “wind down” mode which causes your phone to face to gray to remind you that it is time to end the day by putting your phone away. This can be effective as you will not want to continue on your phone if the screen is too dark to see. You can also flip your phone on its face to turn on the “do not disturb” feature which silences your calls, buzzes, and other notifications. We may be able to do that ourselves but still requires willpower which your smartphone will do for you.

The “time spent” dashboard will show you how many times you have unlocked your phone, how much time you have spent looking at it, and how much time you spend on each app. Time limits can also be set for apps where the icon will turn gray. Parents can also benefit from this android in controlling their child’s time spent on their phone.

The Family Link app can have parents control their child’s devices like knowing how often a child uses certain apps, approve or block certain app downloads, set screen time benefits, and remotely lock devices. This can mean great changes in the future for products owned by Google like YouTube which can remind you to take breaks. You can either wait months for the update on your phone or you can download the beta version today on on phones like Google Pixel, OnePlus6, Essential PH-1, etc. Hopefully those with technology addiction will be able to truly know how long they are on their phone and to limit their usage.

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