Addiction Therapy Services

Bayview Recovery offers comprehensive and leading addiction therapy services at its Tacoma, Washington location. Every individual and every addition pattern is different; therefore, it is crucial that a treatment center offer a wide variety of services to meet the unique needs and requirements that each recovering addict has. In addition to diverse treatment offerings, our qualified, competent and caring staff also reflects our emphasis on diversity, bringing to their patient care unique training, specialties and perspectives.

Bayview Recovery’s treatment modalities can be categorized into two primary groups — individual and group — and each kind of therapy offers benefits for the person in recovery. Typically, individuals will participate in both types of therapy during their treatment. Let’s examine now how these two types of therapy differ, what you can expect from each of these pathways and why they can help you achieve long-term recovery.

Individual Therapy

During individual therapy, each client will work one-on-one with a therapist with the goal of identifying and developing strategies for dealing with the underlying causes which have led to substance abuse. Often, substance abuse develops as a way of self-medicating an unaddressed problem, whether that be past trauma, current stress or an on-going mental health disorder. Depending on the nature of the issues which you are experiencing, you may derive the most benefit from one of many treatment modalities we offer, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy or trauma therapy, to name only a few of the therapies which we provide. Individual therapy is often extremely effective because it treats the causes of the addiction, bringing with it understanding, healing and the ability to make healthier choices post-treatment.

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows individuals to meet others with the same goals, learn from each other, contribute to each other’s recovery and potentially develop lifelong relationships of support. Creating a community of individuals who also want to be clean and sober can have a significant impact on one’s own ability to stay sober, and helping others after treatment can also strengthen one’s resolve to leave drugs and alcohol behind. Clients can also begin the process of healing relationships with their families and loved ones that may have been compromised by substance abuse. The rewards and long-term benefits of repairing these relationships are immense, and Bayview Recovery can help you and your loved ones move forward together.

The Benefits of Addiction Therapy Services at Bayview Recovery

A comprehensive drug rehab program should tailor its course of treatment to your individual needs. By doing so, it can give you the highest chances of restoring your health and staying sober. An individualized recovery program works because it helps you face the underlying causes of your dependency and gives you useful strategies to cope after your treatment.

Bayview Recovery offers diverse treatment offerings aimed at meeting our clients wherever they are on the path to wellness. Also, we have ample experience in creating highly effective treatment plans that focus on the root of your dependency while ensuring your comfort, respecting your person and maintaining the highest levels of patient safety.

Call Bayview Recovery today at 888-570-7154 to learn more about individual and group therapy and holistic drug rehab options. Don’t delay. You can take a step closer towards sobriety now by making the call. We can also help you work with insurance to get the help you need.