Bayview Family Workshop

Bayview Recovery’s family therapy program is an interactive workshop that helps family members reconnect, facilitates healing and improves their relationships. The workshop gives a loved one’s family members an opportunity to contribute actively to their recovery, and it can help reframe internal family dynamics so that they may sustain the recovery process, strengthen the family as a whole and decrease the risk of relapse.

While family members may feel apprehensive about participating in the treatment of their loved one, the benefits of participation can be significant. Bayview Recovery’s family therapy workshop is facilitated by professional counselors, grounded in the latest research and findings in neurobiology and psychology, to ensure you get these benefits. You will have Bayview Recovery’s full support during this phase of treatment.

The Benefit of Family Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Healthy family relationships can diminish the desire to use drugs and alcohol in recovering individuals, lowering their risk of returning to substance abuse. That’s why Bayview Recovery’s family therapy workshop focuses on improving relationships within the family and healing unhealthy family dynamics. Healthy relationships at home can also help sustain the recovery of individuals post-treatment.

All family members who are dealing with a loved one in recovery must learn new interpersonal skills to cope with these unique circumstances. To learn and practice these skills, you will need the help of professionals trained in recovery and family counseling. Your facilitators can model ways to handle triggers and stress as a family and help you practice these techniques together. This provides the greatest level of security for the recovering family member and can significantly reduce family.

What further complicates this aspect of recovery is that no two families are alike. That means that no single set of techniques or practices is likely to work for every family. But when counselors can help you find practices that work for you and tailor instruction to your family’s personality and needs, you will have a higher likelihood of continuing to put what you’ve learned into action and enjoying the benefits. By improving the quality of family interactions, you can positively impact the success of the person recovering and your whole family’s health.

How Bayview Recovery’s Family Therapy Works

During Bayview Recovery’s three-day family workshop, participants will focus on the following therapeutic strategies and instructional topics in an interactive format:

  • Coping methods, and learning new ways to interact
  • Shame and stigma, and how it affects both the family and client
  • Self-care, and how to practice it in daily life
  • Brain chemistry – the biology behind addiction
  • Communication models, and how to practice non-violent forms of communication
  • Expectation management, and how to interact with new boundaries

The family workshop begins on a Friday and continues over the weekend. Your family will meet with Bayview Recovery’s clinical team first, and this team will include caseworkers and therapists. The recovering family member will join their family the next day to participate in various exercises. On the final day, the entire family will work together on a special project which will give everyone an opportunity to begin interacting in new and healthier ways. Parents, spouses, significant others and siblings are all encouraged to attend.

Why Have Family Therapy at Bayview Recovery

While many treatment centers provide family treatment in a lecture format, Bayview Recovery takes a different approach, believing that everyone gains more from an interactive and experiential model that allows each person to test the skills they will learn in a safe and supportive environment. Our counselors will continually strive to make sure everyone in the family feels comfortable and that their needs are respected throughout your time together. When everyone feels safe and able to participate, the family will derive the most benefit.

Call Bayview Recovery today at 888-570-7154 today to learn more about our family therapy options and the benefits it can have on your family life.