Substance Abuse Treatments

Each addiction and client is different, and this means to treat a dependency effectively, a rehab program must provide multiple options so a client can have the treatments that will work best for them and their needs. Bayview Recovery provides a comprehensive array of substance abuse treatment modalities at its Tacoma, Washington location, with programs led by highly-qualified staff who understand addiction and treat each client as the individuals as they are. In addition to proven and cutting-edge treatments and exceptional staffing, Bayview Recovery has created one of the most comfortable and welcoming centers to be found in the region so that clients can focus exclusively on their recovery.

Dealing With Drug Abuse and Addiction

Past trauma, current stress or an untreated mental illness can all lead to drug abuse, dependency and eventually addiction. Alcohol and prescription and illicit drugs are more widely available than ever and can seem like convenient ways to manage whatever issues an individual is dealing with or avoiding. This is a process called self-medicating. Drug and alcohol abuse, however, leaves the causes for an individual’s substance abuse untreated, and dependency and addiction add another layer of severe and even life-threatening problems which will require professional medical treatment to manage.

Drugs commonly used by our clients, and which will require medical intervention, include:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin addiction
  • Marijuana
  • Meth and Adderall
  • Prescription drugs

When an individual adds dependency and addiction to the issues they are already struggling with, there can be no way out except for qualified professional help. Professional drug rehab can help those dependent on drugs and alcohol come to terms with their substance use and overcome their mental health issues, and the best programs will utilize modalities explicitly chosen for you.

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Poses the Same Risks as Harder Drugs

Because alcohol is so widely accepted and available, it can be difficult to identify an alcohol abuse problem and exceptionally easy to hide excess drinking. This makes alcohol one of the most dangerous drugs, although it is a legal one. It also can be very easy for casual drinking to become heavy drinking and later an alcohol abuse problem if an individual uses alcohol to deal with other issues instead of facing them head-on. A casual drinker can quickly increase their tolerance without even knowing it and then require more and more alcohol to get the same level of “buzz,” leading to continually increasing levels of drinking. Alcohol abuse, even if it has not yet led to addiction, will require professional substance abuse treatment like that offered by Bayview Recovery.

The Benefits of Addiction Treatment at Bayview Recovery

Bayview Recovery is committed to providing its clients with personalized treatment that will address their addiction with carefully-chosen pathways based on their personalities and lifestyles. Our treatment professionals will spend considerable time with enrollees during the intake process to get to know them and understand the issues they’re facing so they can get the right treatments quickly and begin the healing process immediately. Bayview Recovery has helped countless individuals leave drug abuse behind and find life-long wellness again. Call 888-570-7154 for more information.