Personalities Associated With Anxiety

Personalities Associated With Anxiety

Anxiety is an intense feeling of fear and worry. There are certain personality traits that are linked with anxiety. It does not necessarily mean that you for sure have anxiety but if any of these traits have been bothering you and taking over your life, it is best to see a therapist to get an official diagnosis and the help you need.

Perfectionism is where you must deliver outstandingly perfect results or you will see yourself as a failure. This can cause you to become very anxious if your expectations fall short. It can be hard for you to meet your deadline because you spend so much time obsessing over getting it perfect. Overthinking is another personality trait that can make you feel struck. This can cause excessive worry when it comes to making a decision. Mindfulness therapy can be useful to help slow down the racing, overwhelming thoughts and to focus on one thing at a time. You can also keep a journal around to organize your thoughts and ideas before you feel like you are going to explode.

Avoidance behavior can mean running away from anything that can bring up your anxiety but can actually make your anxiety worse. The more focused you are on running away from the situation will heighten your fears. By speaking to your therapist, you will learn how to face your fears and experience more out of life. Resistance to change is a behavior where you are always afraid of the outcome new change can be which can prevent you from trying anything new. It is easy when you have anxiety to always think of the negative outcomes instead of the positive. Therapy can help you see the positive side to change. Having an irritable personality can also lead to anxiety in how the excessive worrying can make you more angrier than most and do not feel equipped to handle every day ups and downs. Doing meditative exercises like yoga can help keep you grounded and at ease.

Having empathy can mean you have anxiety in that you are always considering how others think and feel. This can make you obsess over social interactions, feel guilty or embarrassed in regards to mistakes, or obsess over hurting anyone’s feelings. If you have any of these personality traits and are ruining your life, think about seeing a therapist to help get those traits under control.

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