Phencyclidine- A Discontinued Drug That Should Have Stayed That Way

Phencyclidine- A Discontinued Drug That Should Have Stayed That Way

Sometimes, certain drugs get discontinued when the effects of those taking them are too dangerous to allow. One of those drugs was marketed as Sernyl also known as Phencyclidine. It is important for everyone to stay away from this drug to avoid suffering from the terrible side effects.

Phencyclidine is a white crystalline powder that is soluble in water or alcohol. It was made in the 1950s as an intravenous anesthetic but was discontinued in 1965 after people started experiencing psychotic reactions. It is now manufactured illegally in a liquid, powder form and is only legal if it is for research purposes. This drug is considered a dissociate drug because you begin to feel disconnect from the world around you. You start to experience distortions of light, sound, feelings of detachment and reality. Phencyclidine is sold on the street in a metallic foil in powder form. You can normally feel the effects of the drug two to five minutes if smoked when applied to mint, parsley, oregano, or pot.

Many who have taken Phencyclidine feel strength, power, numbness, and invulnerable. On a low dose, you can feel symptoms like euphoria, sensory distortions, confusion, amnesia, anxiety, blurred vision, blanked state, and not feeling connected to your body. On a medium dose, you can feel confusion, agitation, salivation, schizophrenic behavior, and fever. On a high dose,  severe and life-threatening symptoms include respiratory failure, seizures, coma, fever, stoke, and even death. Short-term effects can include increased blood pressure, heartbeat, and shallow breathing. On a high dose, there can be a drop in blood pressure, breathing rate, vomiting, pulse rate, drooling, dizziness, and eye flickering.

If you take Phencyclidine with other depressants like alcohol, you can end up in a coma. You can also be violent or suicidal when on the drug as more people are liking to die by their own hand while on the drug compared to the effects Phencyclidine has on the central nervous system. The long-term effects of Phencyclidine includes depression, memory loss, trouble speaking and thinking, and weight loss a year after quitting. There is currently no treatment specifically for Phencyclidine addiction but any addiction can be treated in a residential facility or behavioral therapy. You are normally placed in a quiet room with little sensory stimulation and given benzodiazepines to control seizures or agitated behavior. Do all you can now about this addiction to avoid the harmful consequences.

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