Reasons We Put Off Getting Help

Reasons We Put Off Getting Help

Many of us struggle with the decision to get help, and there are different reasons why we put off getting help even when we know we need to. For some of us it may be a combination of things. We can be consumed by fear. We might be in denial. We might be convinced our problem isn’t serious enough to warrant professional help. Let’s look at some of the reasons why we put off getting help in our recovery.

Knowing and admitting we need help requires a certain level of humility and courage we aren’t always ready for. We might be ashamed of our addiction, embarrassed that we’re in this position, and prideful enough to not want to ask for help. We might not be in denial and not ready to confront the issue within ourselves. We may be fully aware we have a problem but the thought of having to admit it to someone else is too daunting and scary. Making the choice to get help is a test of our courage. It requires we face our fears in a way we may never have done before.

Sometimes we don’t want to get help because we’re afraid of the judgment we think will come with admitting we have a problem. We may already have experienced people judging us for our addictions. We may have had people distance themselves from us or end the relationship altogether. We may be afraid of more judgment, criticism and rejection. Making the decision to get help means prioritizing our wellbeing over any judgment we might receive, knowing that our health is more important than anyone’s opinions. The people and resources we will find to help us in our recovery won’t judge us in this way, and we can take comfort knowing that there is open-hearted support waiting for us as soon as we’re ready for it.

Another reason we put off getting help is because we’re not ready to confront the issue and push ourselves out of the comfort zone we’ve developed in our addictive patterns. We choose not to look at the issue. Sometimes we stay in denial. It is a huge transition, full of new challenges and experiences, and we aren’t always ready to undertake the commitment it requires. The recovery process requires we put our full energy and effort into it, and we can’t be successful until we’re ready to commit to it.

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