Regaining our Power

Regaining our Power

As we move through our recovery, there are various processes we have to go through in order to feel totally healed. Even if we’re able to abstain from our addictive substances and behaviors for a time, we don’t feel fully recovered if we still feel like they hold power over us. One of the first things we do when we’re ready to seek help and take our recovery seriously is admit we’ve become powerless over our addiction. Our problem has become unmanageable, and very often our emotional pain feels unbearable. To feel recovered, we want to be able to regain our power. We want to feel like we’re in control.

Our addictive urges and compulsions can make us feel totally controlled and powerless. We can feel like we’re being dominated by an invisible force. We don’t feel we have the willpower to go up against it, and we lose faith in ourselves. We lose our self-control. We act in impulsive and compulsive ways. We act recklessly and even dangerously. This loss of power can be terrifying. We feel like our lives our out of our hands. We feel like we don’t have any control over our actions, and we’ve lost the ability to care for ourselves and maintain our wellbeing. This can be a very scary place to be in.

Truly recovering means we no longer have to live with these fears. We’re not controlled by our temptation to use. When we feel any urges come up, we’re able to move through them rather than letting them totally derail us. Recovery is about regaining our power, over our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We can trust ourselves again. We feel faith in ourselves and our ability to demonstrate self-control. Our lives don’t feel like they’re being manipulated by an outside, destructive force. Our own internal guidance system is back in control. It can be such a relief to be able to move through any urges that come up, even strong temptation, and not give in.

Congratulate yourself for every single time you exert control over your addiction. Every instance you’re show self-control is evidence that you’re regaining your power. Encourage yourself, especially when you’re feeling tempted or afraid you might slip up. Affirm that you are strong, that you are brave and powerful. “My life is in my hands. I am stronger than it feels sometimes. I am strong even when I don’t feel like I am. I am grounded. I am rooted and centered. My internal guidance system is leading me in the right direction. I am protected by my higher power.”

We’re here to get to know you as an individual, as well as your unique story. We find this gives you the best chance of having a successful recovery. We want to help you regain your power and sustain your recovery. Call 888-570-7154 for more information.