Roseanne TV Series Tackles Opioid Addiction

Roseanne TV Series Tackles Opioid Addiction

The Roseanne revival of the hit television sitcom has been trying to find relatable topics to discuss on their show. One recent episode was about the opioid crisis and how expensive health insurance can be when you are in real need of it. The Roseanne episode “Netflix and Pill” is about one of the members of the Conner family hiding their opioid addiction from the family, providing that this is a real ongoing situation that needs to be fixed.

In the episode “Netflix and Pill,” it begins with the matriarch of the family, Roseanne Conner, who complains about how painful her knee is. She tells everyone that someone has been taking her pills as the bottle is half empty. Her sister, Jackie, is a police officer so she decides to investigates and mentions to everyone that we have a serious opioid problem in the country. Everyone in the house seems to be innocent. Roseanne complains that she cannot get another refill for another two weeks so her husband, Dan, orders and gives her his pain medication for his back to hold her over.   

On Roseanne and Dan’s wedding anniversary over a bottle of wine, Roseanne admits that she lied about the pills going missing and that she has been holding extra Vicodin as well as three bottles of prescription medicine that have been hidden all over the house. Roseanne has also managed to get leftover pills from the people in her area. Because the Conners need $3,000 for Roseanne’s knee surgery, Roseanne has felt the need to take more pills since it will be awhile before they can afford the surgery but Roseanne adds that she is not a drug addict.

Because of the Conners’ financial situation, Roseanne feels the need to hold herself over with as much opioids as possible for the pain and she is in denial of her addiction. Dan tells her “You’re taking [this medication] for more than pain.” Roseanne tells Dan that she will cut back. When he goes to take a walk, she reveals in her ice bag another hidden bag of prescription pills, showing that Roseanne’s opioid addiction is far from over. We have seen Roseanne making excuses for why she needs more pills and uses deceit as a way to acquire them. It is important for entertainment to tackle issues like these to stress the importance of fixing the opioid epidemic.

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