Signs You Are Healing From Anxiety and Depression

Signs You Are Healing From Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety or depression is feeling extreme nervousness or sadness for long periods of time that interfere with your daily life. You may be wondering if any progress has been made after going through treatment. Being in recovery means that you are now more comfortable in your own skin and can go through life feeling more content and comfortable than before treatment.

You know you are doing well in your recovery when you are more aware of your thoughts. You may have experienced negative thoughts about yourself or have had others say bad things about you that you took to heart. Because you already did not like yourself, it was easy to believe those things. Now that you are in recovery, these negative thoughts just swim on by. You have a positive outlook of yourself so any comments that someone says about you will pass you by and not given a second thought because you like yourself. You also know you have recovered by going to your therapy sessions, taking medication, and no longer feeling ashamed of your mental health. You now feel comfortable talking about your anxiety or depression since you are proud that you are doing something about it.

Recovering also means that you have allowed yourself to feel genuine emotions. It may have been in the past that you have felt numb about everything good or sad that happens to you. Now you can laugh when something is funny, sad in moments that call for sadness, and can be happy. When something bad happens to you, you do not let it sit in your head and take over your whole day or life. It is sad for the moment and then you move on to the rest of your day.

Instead of looking at every personal flaw and mistake every second, you are now at the point where you accept that you are not perfect and that everyone makes mistakes. You know that as long as you learn from your mistakes, you will be fine as time goes on. Instead of thinking of the worst-case scenario for every situation, you take everything one thing at a time and prepare for the worst only when it comes. Most importantly, you have now taken care of your body’s needs. You eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired, and exercise to give your body the energy it needs.

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