Spiritual Elements Needed for Recovery

Spiritual Elements Needed for Recovery

Spirituality is overlooked when it comes to addiction recovery. Some may think being mentally aware will not make your addiction go away but it can make all of the difference. Being spiritual during your recovery can show you that there is a whole world outside of yourself and to take everything one moment at a time.

It is a great feeling to know that you belong to something stronger than yourself as there is a whole world for you out there. Your great purpose is not to be damaging your health with drugs but to live a long life. When you feel like you have a calling and will be an important person to the world and the people around you, it will be the driving force behind your everyday actions. Helping others is another way you can help yourselves. Being under the influence can cause you to only think about your cravings and not about how other people see you. Volunteering will allow you to think of the needs of others whether you volunteer at an animal shelter, tutor children, help clean up the beach, etc. You can put your own problems and insecurities on hold to take care of someone else.

Meditation can help you release muscle tension as well as reduce heart rate and blood pressure by living in the present moment instead of thinking of your past and your future. You can center and focus your thoughts while reducing stress and anxiety. Prayer and mindfulness can help you get rid of all of your negative thoughts and to focus on the positive. When you are in a place where it is quiet and still, that is the time to reflect on your life and what is happening to you right now.

You can also acknowledge that there is a greater presence than ourselves. Even if you do not believe in God, you can still admit that there are more important things out there than ourselves like children who go to school or how insignificant we all are compared to the universe. Know that there are powers greater than us. Be thankful for all of the good things you have instead of relying only on the bad as you will get a better sense of belonging this way. Spirituality will motivate you to stick with your recovery and focus only on the positive aspects of your life.

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