The access people have to some rather dangerous drugs is startling. The ways people use these drugs can also be surprising. If you haven’t heard much about the drug ketamine, then you might want to pay particular attention to the information below. Ketamine is a potent dissociative anesthetic. On the streets, recreational, and party drug users refer to the drug as “Special K.” The newspapers call it the “date rape” drug. However, anyone that falls a substance abuse habit is likely going to require time in a ketamine addiction rehab center.

Why a Ketamine Addiction Rehab Center?

Young woman enjoys her time in a ketamine addiction rehab centerIn our Bayview Recovery ketamine addiction treatment center, we see the occasional client who falls victim to this horrible substance. It always serves as a reminder of just how dangerous this substance can be. Quite literally, a person abusing this substance can find themselves in a state of paralysis. By the time they get to our ketamine rehab center in Tacoma, WA, their very lives may be hanging in the balance.

The reason a ketamine addiction treatment center seems to always be the end solution is because the client needs special care. They need to work with counselors and clinicians who understand the substance as well as how it affects the human body and mind. Frankly, there is no other reliable option. The ketamine addiction treatment in Tacoma, WA, might be all that stands between life and death.

What Takes Place in a Ketamine Addiction Rehab Center

To help motivate you and others to seek help, we thought some information about ketamine addiction rehab centers might help. Remember, what we do in our ketamine rehab center in Tacoma, WA, is help our clients establish recovery from addictions.

Of course, if someone enters rehab with a legitimate ketamine addiction, they’ll face the prospect of some severe withdrawal symptoms. For example, we are talking about dangerous symptoms like:

  • Psychosis, including delusion and hallucination
  • A decrease in respiratory and cardiac functions
  • Exacerbation of sleeping issues
  • Loss of motor function
  • Inability to think clearly
  • Hearing loss
  • Tremors and convulsions

Instead of facing these symptoms on their own, we place clients in a detox program. Of course, the purpose of the detox program is security and comfort. We want to keep the client safe from issues during withdrawal. Therefore, in a medically monitored program, the client is eligible to receive relief medications if withdrawal symptoms get too severe.

After passing through detox, it’s time for the client to learn the truth about their addiction. There’s no way around it. They have to open up and expose the root causes of their desire to self-medicate away problems. If they can do that, then ketamine addiction treatment in Tacoma, WA has a real chance of success. Remember, the time a client spends in a ketamine addiction rehab center is only the beginning of recovery. On the outside, they will need the necessary life skills to stave off their desires to relapse. That’s why we also provide aftercare programs as an extra level of protection.

The Bayview Recovery Approach to Treatment

What we do is not a complicated process. It’s should be familiar to anyone who has been through rehab before. If it’s our intensive outpatient program in Tacoma, WA, the client is going to get the best care possible. We can assure that because our clinicians and counselors use some of the most successful approaches available in the industry. As a point of reference, some of our programs include:

If you have been abusing substances like ketamine, then stop what you are doing as soon as possible and get help. If it’s indeed a ketamine addiction, then Bayview Recovery has a viable ketamine addiction rehab center. We can make a difference if you can find the strength to walk through the door. That’s how you start recovery. For more information about our services, you can talk to one of our reps at [direct].