If you or someone you know are dealing with the abuse of the drug known as PCP, then you’re familiar with its destructive effects. For many who abuse this substance, addiction is inevitable. However, recovering from PCP is possible with the help of the expert addiction staff at Bayview Recovery’s PCP addiction rehab center.

In order to understand your treatment, it’s essential to understand this unique drug.

What is PCP?

Woman speaking to her group therapy session at a PCP addiction rehab centerPCP, known by many names, is considered a form of a hallucinogenic substance with dissociative qualities. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, PCP has several aliases and street names such as:

  • Angel dust
  • Boat
  • Hog
  • Ozone
  • Rocket fuel
  • Zoom

Developed in the 1950s, PCP was originally used as an anesthetic. Therapeutic use of this drug was stopped because people experienced postoperative delirium and hallucinations.

This addictive drug causes dependence quickly. In fact, for some people, it only takes a few uses to develop tolerance. Eventually, they need increasingly larger doses to get the same effects. Taking more PCP increases the risk of long-term damage and potential overdose.

When this happens, a well-equipped PCP addiction treatment center is your primary hope for getting sober. Treatment at a PCP rehab center in Tacoma, WA, can provide options to reconnect a patient’s life with reality.

Treatment at the Bayview Recovery PCP Addiction Rehab Center

There are wide-ranging adverse effects of PCP abuse and addiction. Nevertheless, a PCP addiction treatment center opens up the possibility for a program tailored to individual needs.

Typically, the first step is to detox safely. This crucial process removes traces of PCP from a person’s system. Of course, PCP withdrawal causes unpleasant issues. Due to some potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms, a person is better off being under medical supervision during this time. A person may have mood swings, become nauseated, have convulsions, and more.

Addiction therapy is the next step after completing the withdrawal process. Typically, treatment takes on forms of behavior modification. The goal is helping a person replace addictive habits with new habits that do not involve drug use.

PCP Addiction Rehab Center Treatment for Dependence

One thing a person can count on from PCP addiction treatment in Tacoma, WA, is focused care. Addiction specialists work with them to optimize their treatment experience. In some situations, this can include a mental health assessment.

Often, drug abuse is a symptom of mental illness or vice versa. Someone with both a mental health issue and a PCP addiction will require dual diagnosis therapy at their PCP addiction rehab center.

Ideally, a combination of therapies begins at your PCP addiction rehab center and continues well after a person leaves. Individual therapy is a common therapeutic approach. Additionally, a person’s PCP treatment plan may include group and family therapy to reconstruct their life.

Our aftercare program takes care of patients needs once they leave the Bayview Recovery PCP rehab center in Tacoma, WA. We offer them help to avoid situations that encourage drug use. Aftercare also provides ongoing support to help them turn away from future drug use.

PCP Addiction Rehab Center Treatment After an Overdose

The inherent destructive nature of PCP increases the likelihood of an overdose. Effects from PCP may start within the first five minutes of use. Although this is a rapid onset, a person can remain under the influence for several hours.

Furthermore, an extremely high dosage could have lasting effects over several days. Taking excessive amounts can lead to an overdose. With large doses also comes powerful dissociation. PCP addiction treatment in Tacoma, WA, from Bayview Recovery can make a difference in all these situations.

The symptoms of a PCP overdose can range from mood swings to suicidal behavior. In some situations, a person may become highly paranoid. They may also become violent or aggressive, to the point that medical staff has to give them sedatives. Restraints may even be necessary. In such cases, environmental stimulation, such as noise or lights, is kept to a minimum.

Are You Ready to Make the Call?

PCP abuse and addiction cause damaging effects on your mind and body. Receiving effective treatment is critical to your health and overall well-being. Call Bayview Recovery for the help you need.

Bayview’s psychotherapy programs for addiction in WA can help you win the struggle over your PCP abuse. Programs we provide treatment through include:

PCP is not only addictive, but it can also be deadly. You have more life to live. Let us tailor comprehensive care to your needs. Contact Bayview Recovery at 855.478.3650 so you can get started on a new path.