Prescription painkillers come in all shapes, sizes, and under different brand names. Some of the most recognizable brand names include Oxycontin, Vicodin, and also Percocet. While all of these medications have value when treating chronic pain issues, they also have a dark side. It’s not uncommon for someone to abuse Percocet or any other painkiller. In fact, the nation is facing a significant cultural problem because of such prescription drug abuse. At this point, we would like to move onto a discussion about Percocet addiction and the importance of Percocet addiction rehab.

About Percocet Addiction

Therapist at a percocet addiction rehabAs many an opioid addiction rehab center in Tacoma, WA, already knows, Percocet addiction is a real problem. The substance has become a favorite target of both pain patients and recreational drug users. Whether the person is getting access to the drug by prescription or via illicit street purchases matters little. What really matters is the potential the drug has for destroying the user’s life.

If a doctor prescribes Percocet for pain, they are doing so with all the best intentions. If the client begins abusing the substance for any reason, they are doing so outside advice from their doctor. Unfortunately, that’s a formula for disaster. Our Percocet addiction treatment center in Tacoma, WA, has lots of clients who thought they were in control. However, the truth is no one can control an opiate substance if they take to abusing it.

Like any other opiate substance, there are signs of Percocet addiction that any one of us can pick up. We just need to know that for which we are looking. For example, here are a few physical and behavioral signs of Percocet addiction:

  • A complete withdrawal from meaningful personal relationships
  • Lethargic body movement
  • Increasing difficulty with concentration
  • A constant obsession with securing more drugs or the money to buy drugs
  • Inability to care for one’s hygiene and personal responsibilities
  • Illicit behavior to secure drugs
  • Great difficulty at home, school or work

Any Percocet user who displays these types of issues belongs in a Percocet addiction rehab.

The Percocet Addiction Rehab Process

When a client enters our Percocet addiction rehab center in Tacoma, WA, our motivation kicks in. We are acutely aware that a Percocet addiction rehab is likely the client’s only option for help. However, clients are often nervous about what takes place in a Percocet addiction treatment center in Tacoma, WA.

We start with an intake interview. The purpose of said interview is to gather facts about the client’s addiction. Since we are dealing with opiate addiction, we’ll likely start treatment with a detox program. For opiate addiction sufferers, withdrawal is a dangerous process. We simply want to get them through detox as safely as possible.

After completing detox, the client then gets a chance to work with a professional therapist on a quest to find answers. That would be answers to questions about the genesis of the client’s addiction. This information is relevant to help the Percocet addiction rehab therapist direct treatment towards lasting solutions. If the client is able to develop the right coping skills, they stand a good chance of arresting their addiction.

What Matters at Bayview Recovery

In our Percocet addiction rehab center in Tacoma, WA, the client’s long-term welfare means everything. We will do everything in our power to assure each client gets the opportunity for a full recovery from their addiction. If that means our therapists create custom treatment programs, so be it. To that end, here’s a partial list of the services we currently offer:

If you are looking for a Percocet addiction rehab in the greater Northwest, Bayview Recovery warrants consideration. From our list of services, we have the necessary treatment options to start your recovery. With that said, recovery starts with your desire to fight for your life. When you are ready to do that, please call us at 855.478.3650.