There’s no shortage of painkillers in the health care system. In fact, pharmaceutical companies develop new painkillers all of the time. Although pain pills like Vicodin have been available for years, they’re still very addictive. What is this prescription drug, and why is a Vicodin addiction rehab center a must?

What Is Vicodin?

Man holding pills in need of a vicodin addiction rehab centerBefore discussing a Vicodin addiction rehab center, let’s learn more about the drug itself. It’s a name-brand narcotic, and doctors prescribe it to manage mild to severe pain. The drug first came out in 1978 and is one of the most addictive prescription painkillers on the market.

However, just because Vicodin is a prescription drug doesn’t mean that people can’t get it without a prescription. They can buy the pills illegally on the black market or steal them from family members and friends. In either case, their actions are drug abuse because they take Vicodin without professional guidance. Some of the street names for this drug include:

  • Vics
  • 357s
  • Hydros
  • Vicos
  • Tabs
  • Watsons

The Celebrity Love Affair With Vicodin

Make no mistake that Vicodin is a problem for anyone who can get their hands on it. However, buying prescription drugs illegally is expensive. Because of that, people either must have money to spend or a doctor willing to write a prescription. Both of these options are too common in Hollywood.

For example, people know many celebrities, such as Kelly Osbourne, for their struggle with Vicodin. In fact, this singer is why finding an opioid addiction rehab center in Hollywood is pretty common. However, people don’t have to go to Hollywood to get treatment for Vicodin addiction. They can find centers all over the United States.

Vicodin addiction treatment in Tacoma, WA isn’t very different from what people find in Hollywood. The biggest difference is that people get more one-on-one care at a Vicodin addiction treatment in Tacoma, WA. The centers here are typically less crowded, so they can afford to give more one-on-one attention.

Signs That Someone Needs Vicodin Addiction Treatment in Tacoma, WA

Knowing when to send a loved one to a Vicodin addiction treatment in Tacoma, WA isn’t easy. After all, some people can take this prescription drug without needing a Vicodin Addiction rehab center. However, it’s important for family members and friends to know the signs of addiction.

The first indication that people need a Vicodin addiction rehab center is a high level of relaxation. Obviously, this relaxing state occurs after they start taking Vicodin.

Keep in mind that the first time people try Vicodin is typically with a legitimate prescription. As their tolerance level builds, it becomes more apparent that they need a Vicodin addiction rehab center. They might have mood swings, anxiety, and irritability. They could take Vicodin more and more often too.

People who abuse Vicodin start to show physical symptoms. Weakness, vomiting, and small pupils all suggest that they need a Vicodin addiction rehab center. Despite that, most people who need Vicodin addiction treatment don’t want to seek help. As a result, family members and friends have to get help for them.

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