Suicide and Addiction

Suicide and Addiction

Suicide can play a big factor in how bad your addiction has gotten. According to the Centers for Disease Control, addicts are six times more likely to end their lives and the National Alliance on Mental Illness says that one in three people who are under the influence of opioids or alcohol or more likely to commit suicide. It is important to be aware of this dangerous symptom of drug addiction by going into treatment so that you will learn that suicide is never the answer to fixing your pain.

People who do not like themselves feel like they are useless and serve no purpose. They drown out their negative feelings with substance abuse in producing artificial happiness. What struggling addicts do not understand are that drugs like alcohol are depressants. You may think that they are making you feel better but they can actually intensify your negative feelings, making you feel you need to use more drugs to get rid of those feelings. Struggling addicts may want to get better but feel that it is beyond their control to do that so they feel like killing themselves is the only option to stop using. Alcohol can also impair your normal thought processes to act impulsively. This can cause you to act on your suicidal thoughts since being intoxicated causes you to no longer think about the consequences of your actions.

Addiction can ruin things with your family, relationships, career, finances, and personal relationships. You may feel like there is no turning back from the damage done. Even when those with addiction stop, all of those negative feelings you were trying to avoid comes back which can make it too overwhelming for you that you relapse to thinking about ending your life again. Your body forgets how to function normally without drugs so you feel like relapsing back to bad habits.

It is important for anyone struggling with addiction to know that suicide should never be an option to stop your addiction. Going into treatment will present you with a number of possibilities of why it is important to live and that addiction is a temporary problem while suicide is permanent. A therapist can diagnose you with a mental health condition like anxiety or depression. In order for treatment to be successful, both conditions need to be addressed. If you have suicidal thoughts, please call 1-800-273-8255 to get help immediately.

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