Supermodels and Anxiety

Supermodels and Anxiety

A model’s profession is all about the way they look. What people say about them can influence the way they see themselves. Today’s young models have come out to People Magazine recently about their anxiety and the best methods to overcome it.

Anxiety is dealing with a worry that is so intense that it disrupted your everyday routine. A lot of people start to experience anxiety during young adulthood which is the age that a lot of female models start out. They are wrapped in their appearance and trying to make sure that everyone loves them. Model Bella Hadid would get shaky and cry before public events and she would freeze up during interviews when she first started. She said that she had to accept that part of the business involves talking to people everyday but that it would get better going more into her career.

Kendall Jenner would suffer anxiety attacks traveling during Fashion Week and would not leave the house since she went through a robbery as well as her sister, Kim. Jenner also had her share of stalkers which made her avoid Twitter and Instagram. The term for this worry is called agoraphobia where you are afraid of being outside or in an open space because of lack of control. Jenner does sound bathing, acupuncture, and meditation to help her deal with her anxiety and that everything gets easier with each fashion month. Model Delilah Belle Hamlin has had agoraphobia since she was eleven when she developed strep throat. She was taken out of school and refused to go on airplanes or elevators to be close to home.

Social media can mean constantly comparing yourself to other models. Model Gigi Hadid would feel suffocated by the world’s perception of her and makes positive acclamations to erase the negativity. Hadid would take long social media breaks to help her and even has a PSA message on her cell phone cover that reminds her that social media can harm your mental health. Model Nina Agdal says that clients get judged by their followers, how often they post, and even check their tagged photos to see what they are up to. Luckily, Agdal has a team to help her with her Instagram and take breaks as well. Models should be exercising many times a week, do meditation, and breathing exercises for fifteen minutes to better help them during their career.

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