The Energy of Recovery

The Energy of Recovery

When we are working to bring about change in our lives, the work we do is only as effective as the energy behind it. Our energy has to propel our work forward not hinder it and limit it. When it comes to our recovery from addictions and mental health issues, oftentimes our energy is full of fear, cynicism, skepticism and self-doubt. These can present themselves as worry, pessimism, self-judgment, anxiety and depression. We feel down on ourselves and defeated. In order to bolster our chances for a successful recovery, we want to create an energy within us that is conductive to our recovery.

An energy for recovery is full of hope, faith and positivity. When we are energetically prepared for recovery, we are optimistic. We believe in ourselves. We commit to choosing thoughts that serve us in our goals, that uplift us as we move forward. We make the choice to be as positive as we can, in our thinking, in our emotional responses, and in our daily behaviors. We commit to making ourselves and our health our ultimate priority. We take good care of ourselves. We make good choices for ourselves. We are self-nurturing and self-protective. We want what’s best for us.

This energy is completely different from the energy of addiction. When we are under the control of our addictions, we are dependent upon a substance or behavior. Our energy is full of this dependence, along with powerlessness and hopelessness. We are needy, obsessive and compulsive. We create attachments rather than meaningful connections. We have an energy of fear – fear that we will fail, fear that we are doomed to be addicts, fear that we aren’t good enough. To try to escape this fear, we distance ourselves from our true inner selves. We distract ourselves with our addictions, with unhealthy relationships and toxic patterns. We use our addictions as our coping mechanisms to try to deal with our pain.

The energy of recovery, on the other hand, fills us with self-assuredness and self-confidence. We feel independent, autonomous and in control of our destinies. We have reclaimed our power from everything that ever held us back. We know how strong, courageous and resilient we are. We have faith in our ability to heal. Our energy propels us forward, informing how we think, feel and behave. As we immerse ourselves in our healing work, our positive energy helps us push ourselves forward to reach our recovery goals.

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