The Importance of Personalized Care    

The Importance of Personalized Care    

When we make the decision to get professional help with our recovery, there are some elements of treatment that are especially helpful. When treatment centers offer personalized care, it greatly helps our chances of recovery because we are being helped as an individual, not just as yet another patient. We’re seen for who we are, and in this way we can be helped on a much greater scale.

We have unique issues during our struggles with addiction, and we’re going to have unique experiences during the course of our recovery. Personalized care pays special attention to our unique challenges and difficulties. It tailors our recovery to our particular experience. We don’t all struggle in the same ways. We don’t all face the same exact emotional challenges. Therefore, our recovery process is going to be unique to who we are as individuals. The recovery process is much more in-depth, thorough and effective when it has a commitment to personalized care.

The choice to enter treatment can be a scary one. Knowing we will be cared for in a personal, individualized way can help ease our fears. When we can benefit from one-on-one therapy, we’re able to confront our challenges head on, knowing that our particular challenges can be addressed. We also have special strengths and gifts, and personalized care allows the people helping us to be aware of them so that they can help us develop them and use them as tools in our recovery.

The strengths we bring with us into the recovery process are unique to who we are. In treatment we find others with similar strengths, as well as people with totally different strengths that we can learn from. Personalized care encourages us to harness our unique strengths to help ourselves and others. For example, you might be great at communicating your emotions. This is a skill you can use to your advantage in recovery, and personalized care helps you to embrace that skill, encourages you to use it in your treatment, and helps you be an example to others working on that skill for themselves.

One of the greatest benefits of being in treatment is the community we get to be a part of, a community of people struggling with similar addictions and holding onto similar hopes of recovery. Personalized care allows that community to be able to uplift each of its members and support each of them in their individuality. We have so much to learn from each other, and when our care is personalized to each of us, we feel supported, encouraged and uplifted. We feel appreciated for who we are. We’re able to give our best selves, our energy and our gifts to the community we’re a part of.

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