The Things We Have to Leave Behind

The Things We Have to Leave Behind

Healing from our addictions and mental health issues requires that we make certain sacrifices and leave certain things behind. It can be a huge challenge, and it can feel like an uncomfortable and painful process full of growing pains and discomfort. There will be some things for which we’ll have to undergo a grieving process. As difficult as it can be, when we leave things behind, we make room for better to show up in our lives. We create more space to develop happiness and peace of mind.

One thing we have to work to leave behind is our fear. We fear so many things pertaining to our addictions and mental illnesses. We fear the recovery process. We fear asking for help. We fear failure. We fear responsibility. We fear being pushed out of our comfort zone. Every time we work to face a fear, we’re empowering ourselves in the recovery process. We’re telling ourselves that our health and wellbeing are important to us, and that we’ll do the work to fight to get better.

Another thing we must leave behind is our attachment to unhealthy relationships. Our toxic partnerships, friendships and even family relationships hurt us and hold us back. Whenever we’re focused on our interpersonal problems, we’re taking energy away from our self-focus and healing. We’re giving our problems more of our time and attention than our peace and serenity. When we decide we want to get better, we prioritize our inner peace, and everything that doesn’t align with it, including people, begins to fall away. Sometimes these relationships are easy to let go of because we’ve grown tired of exerting so much energy just to be unhappy. Sometimes they are painful to part with and require that we go through a grieving process to really let them go and move forward.

When we’re working to recover, we have to leave behind our addictive habits, but we also have to shed all of the lifestyle patterns and behaviors that contributed to them and replace them with healthier ones. For example, we have to discover new ways of managing our anxiety and dealing with stress that don’t involve the addictive substances and behaviors we grew to rely on. We will have to shed these lifestyle habits in order to create healthier ones, such as meditation and exercise, better suited to helping us stay on track with our recovery.

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